Blog Post #1

by ZDOSE on October 17, 2017 - 7:00pm


Blog Post #1 - Zach Dose


  1. Memory is constructed through our thoughts and specific references that we possess in our mind about a certain event. Memories can affect our understanding of history because a vast majority of what we know about history is through the memories of specific events that are then recalled through reports written by individuals who were actually there. These reports however are often written long after the actual event and the accounts through which we understand history are most often constructed through memory. For example through the film Waltz with Bashir we see that his recollection of the war is scattered at best this being a historic event for his country.

  2. In the film Waltz with Bashir, Ari is telling the story for the most part during the film, it revolves around his memories during the war, and his lack of memory of certain traumatic specific events. However, throughout the film the story is being told by differents friends of Ari’s who had been soldiers with him in the war and he sought out information from each of them, in his attempt to decipher whether or not his memories were true. I believe the film was told by the appropriate persons during the appropriate times during the film.

  3. The film Waltz with Bashir taught me about the Lebanon War, and as far as I’m aware the film did correspond to broader historical record. I would rate the entertainment of the film as fair, it was a horrific event however the use of animation was a big help to the entertainment factor in my opinion.

  4. As film progresses accuracy of historic events has never been more important effective storytelling is something that is necessary in film, as if it were not entertaining the works would lack popularity and thus not get the mess age out to the desired audience. However, if a film lacks historical accuracy it can impact the effective storytelling and entertainment factor of the film because the historic inaccuracies take away from the desired effect of the film.

  5. As the film, Memento didn’t revolve around a historic event, the film Waltz with Bashir is an effective way to teach people about the Lebanon War and the Sabra Massacre.

  6. Film serves an incredibly important part in the classroom, from documentaries to historical dramas, film allows us to see representations of historic events in order to obtain a better understand of said events. It gives us much more insight (when historically accurate) into particular events than we could ever hope to obtain through reading a book or a report on an event, rather it brings history alive, into something you can see and understand and better relate to.

  7. Film helps construct our understanding of historic events because as stated in the [previous answer it gives us the opportunity to see the events that are taking place and gives us an opportunity to see the events and have a real sense of the events that took place during different periods of history. For example the film Titanic brings to life one of the most historic disasters of all time. Though not a documentary it still gives everyone who sees it a better understanding of the events that transpired that night.

  8. I think that it is important in history to examine those great individuals who have brought us through difficult periods in history. Though the plight of the ordinary individual shouldn’t necessarily be ignored, I do believe it is important to acknowledge those who have had the greatest impact on history. I do think to be effective we should focus on the mythical like beings of the past like Winston Churchill (though not mythical) certainly legendary and a great individual in history. However, I would consider both parts are important to be effective.



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