China Syndrome - Behind The Smog

by Mike.Lom on September 18, 2017 - 1:09pm

Michael Lombart, Gianni Delli Colli, Marco Polce, Samuel Leger


China Syndrome

Behind the Smog


China is considered the worlds biggest CO2 emitter. If they start to reduce their emissions and pollute less, other countries are bound to follow their example. It is said that if China and India do not attempt to make a difference in their emission output, the rest of the world will not bother make a change in their emissions either. If China and India are the biggest emitters and do not make an attempt to reduce their emissions, why should all the other small emitting countries reduce their consumption on non-renewables? By being the largest emitters in the world, China have an example to set in order for the rest of the world to follow. China are responsible for 1/5 of energy consumption and close to 1/4 of pollution in the world. The population of China is extremely large and is still growing and the more the population grows, the more they will have needs. If the country attempts to provide the needs for more than 1 billion people, they are bound to be the biggest emitters. Basically, if China’s population continues to grow, they will continue to emit enormous amounts of CO2 and pollution. China seems to want the same luxuries as first world countries but they have a bigger population to provide for which leads to more consumption as well as more emissions. China are the suppliers for enormous amounts of products all over the world. Because of their cheap prices, countries always rely on them for their goods. This forces china to produce because of demand leading to a more polluted country. Another barrier is that countries rely on China to distribute their products all around the world to them. This means that the products have to be transported and distributed all around the world which causes enormous amounts of pollution. If suppliers were more localized to demanding countries this would cut down the pollution caused by the distributions of products and goods from China. Unfortunately, because of China’s communist regime, the people of China have no say in politics in general. Therefore, they have no say in the reduction of pollution and emission of their country. Overall, if China doesn’t start reducing their emissions and using renewable energy, the rest of the world is unlikely to do the same. The world needs someone to set an example in order to follow along. Saving the world is a team effort.



Just Cool It by David Suzuki and Ian Hanington 


You have my full agreement concerning the fact that China is a country that the world depends on. Since China is the biggest CO2 emitter in the world, the fact that we depend on, and demand a lot from them makes it a bigger problem. In that way, we contribute to the pollution they make by asking for more and more products since the production is cheaper than anywhere else in the world. As a country which is far away from China, we are asking for the products to be transported and distributed worldwide, even when it causes a lot of pollution. I agree with the fact that China is responsible for 1/4 of pollution in the world and the smaller countries need a role model to follow. But, since we are supporting them by asking them to produce for us, it is hard to ask them to reduce their emissions and pollute less. Smaller countries cannot ask bigger countries to reduce emissions when they are the source of the production.

Marie-Eve L.

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