My Beatiful Dark Twisted Crime

by WilliamGRousseau on September 13, 2017 - 5:15pm

William Gendron Rousseau


My Beautiful Dark Twisted Crime


  Once upon a time, a teenager called William was studying in a very dark school called Seminaire of Chicoutimi. Like all the kids ; William had friend . Those friends had a bad influence on him. Their names was Maxime and Gabriel.


One day, Maxime said to the other guys that his dad was keeping a rich collection of alcool in the house. Suprised, the other kids started to asked Maxime if he tried some of the devil's liquid. Without wasting any time, Maxime took a bottle of vodka out of his school bag. He challenged Gabriel and William to try it after school in the forest at the back of the soccer field. Gabriel said no, and William said yes.


So, three hours later, Maxime and William was meeting. Maxime was the first to drank. William, shacking, took the bottle and did it. Even if he was underage; he drank. He felt really bad after it. He went directly to his house where he swore to never drink again. Unfortunately, he did.


Year and year after the event, William did not quit drinking. This is a problem that will probably never be solves. The boy learned that day that you should never start to dance with the devil.




It's like Clay in 13 reasons why, when they forced him to drink alcool, but they weren't their friends... cool story.

A lot of alcohol stories are not finishing well..

You're not the only one who had bad experiences with alcool... I think the majority of people had some! Cool story.

I love the title. Really cool.

Very good closing sentence! Interesting story, but several verb form and a few spelling errors... Use the virtual writing tutor next time before posting a story...

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