Trump’s good or bad idea about transgenders bathroom issue?

by KaishaFerresOxime on May 5, 2017 - 9:29pm

This article is about Trump’s administration who has a conservative worldview and who took off the guidelines for the protection of the transgenders students in public school about 2 months ago. They cannot go in the bathroom of the gender that they identify themselves with anymore. They need to go in the bathroom of their gender that they are born with. This is the actual opposite of what Obama’s administration put in place with a progressive worldview to protect transgenders.

This decision is likely to appear in a case before the Supreme Court, which is a about a 17 years old student named Gavin Grimm who complain about being discriminated in men’s bathroom and claims it under Title IX that is a federal law applied in school to bans sex discrimination. Trump’s withdraw of protection is making it harder for transgender students.

Taking off the protection is not a pro or anti transgender decision is explaining the author of the article.

The original guidance on bathroom use was originally brought up in January 2015 by an employee of the Department of education and again from the DOJ and the DOE in May 2016 and now the issue is if an official in an executive agency can tell what Title IX means? There are some ways to explain it. Some people think that Title IX was put in place as an anti-discrimination law. But the law did not ever used these words. Judges and others have found a different conclusion to that issue. The fact that Title IX should protect transgenders is an understandable way of thinking but it is not the law according to Danny Cevallos, CNN Legal Analyst.

And something is making the case even trickier, Trump’s administration new position by not imposing any interpretation of the Title IX in court. There is some decent argument about Obama that should never had done this in the first place. There is also many things to concede if you take the position that it should include transgenders.

Some people might think that Trump’s administration did that with the purpose of being against transgenders, it might be a possibility but Trump does not have anything against them. For this other paradox: why did they root against Gavin Grimm in this pending case? The Court may conclude that Obama’s agency had the power to impose their will to the society and it is the same for Trump administration to apply a law. And supporting Grimm’s story is in a way kind of supporting the idea of an empowered Trump administration. But what does it actually means to support an empowered administration in the United State?


Ariane de Vogue, "Trump administration withdraws federal protection for transgender students". CNN , février 2017, Accédé 3 mai 2017


Part 1 Final Project

Part 1 Final Project

This is a great post that tackled many of the issues around power and the perplexing and at times confounding intentions of the Trump administration. You handled the issues concerning trans individuals with great care and I like how you equally give attention to both Trump’s supporters and his opposition.

From a gendered standpoint, I am completely against Trump’s action to remove federal protection for trans individuals as it propels history backwards and breaks down the foundations of human rights. However, it is key to note that this not only affects the trans community, but equally puts pressure on any individual who does not conform to the male-female binary, whether they be intersex, two-spirited or any of the other infinite gender identities. By removing the federal protection of trans students, the Trump administration is actively proving their narrow-minded view of gender and sex as something that is solely binary and definitive. His actions show that if you are born male, then you must conform to masculinity and if you are born female, you must be feminine; however, placing labels and forcing conformity is against the very ideas of freedom, individual identity and uniqueness.

I believe that we are solely following a “sexual script” that dictates the way men and women should interact; and although it is not always explicit, many mediums in current pop culture support the same kind of restrictive narrative promoting heterosexuality. For many, the learning outlet on topics surrounding sex and sexuality is online, and often through pornography, which supports heterosexuality that promotes male dominance and female subordination.

To oppose to this binary, known as the Queer Theory, individuals who do not conform to this binary or to the heterosexual script and belong outside of this so-called normal believe that there should not be a normal. Some may identify with their assigned sex and decide to love someone of the same sex. Some may feel as if they were assigned the wrong sex based on the way they perform their gender. The possibilities are virtually endless, so queer theorists believe that there should be no labels or specific guidelines, but rather let everyone live in their infinite possibilities. So the notion is to reject society’s impulse to categorize individuals as heterosexual or as normal since there is no productive use of such terms. Instead, the goal is to see gender and sex as a non-restrictive aspect with infinite identities.

Therefore, if the Trump administration continues to pursue the removal of protection of trans individuals, they will continue to demonstrate a narrow-minded approach towards sex and gender. In a way, he is promoting more conformity, uniformity and restriction instead of individuality, freedom and support. If you are interested in learning more about gender issues and the queer theory, the following is a comprehensive article on Shmoop that introduces some of the issues surrounding this topic:

The article you have chosen is very interesting and your explanations are clear. I personally believe that each individual should be entitled to an equal treatment, and Trump’s decision to withdraw the law regarding the protection of transgender adolescents in public school demonstrates that such principle is not respected. Transgender teens also have the right to be themselves without being discriminated and Trump’s decision does not respect the principle of justice; he does not assure trans’ security in the same way he does for non-transgender. Therefore, he treats transgender and non-trans differently, which goes against my fundamental principles. Transgender totally have the right to identify themselves to the gender they want since everybody are free to choose between different courses of action, and their difference should not be discriminated. One potential solution already proposed in some countries was the installation of non-gendered bathrooms in order to prevent discrimination among teen children. What are the other solutions that would assure that everyone is treated equally and accepted by others?

I really enjoyed reading your summery because the writing is really fluent and there is a clear issue.
I believe that everyone is entitled to be who they want to be, whether that be a fireman, an insurance broker, or male or female. I do not see the difference. This legislation that trump is passing is absolutely insane and there is specific motive other than to make it seem as if he’s accommodating everyone’s needs. People are born with a certain gender and some decide to keep it, but others feel within themselves that they are someone else, and why should that freedom be taken away? Isn’t America the land of the free?

You summarized this article perfectly.
Because of my beliefs and how I was raised, I have to side with Trump on this one even though I don't like him one bit. It is not normal for a person to change genders just because they feel like it. If you decide to change your sex, don't presume that people have accept and live with it. I have no problems with transgender people but I don't want them in the same bathroom as mine, I will feel embarrassed and uncomfortable. I don’t want a man who changed his sex to go to the same bathroom as my sister or mother, I would get very frustrated and petrified. Even though I am against it, I know that they are humans and it would be embarrassing for transgender to go back to his birth sex bathrooms and for others too, so I think the government should install new bathrooms for transgender folks. There should be at least one bathroom in every sector of the city. Some people would argument that how would I know who is transgender and not. I wouldn’t even know the difference between a transgender and a man. That is true but that don’t make it right, what If I know that the person is a transgender next to me? is it OK for transgender who I don’t know but not right for the ones that I do? The government should start to install gender neutral bathrooms everywhere so everyone could be happy.

Hi kaisha,

I decided to read and react to your article because this issue kind of always interested me and I wanted to learn more about it since it's a case that we see more and more often in our society these days. This debate will probably last for a long time but changes need to be done.

I personally am in favor of transgender bathroom because these people who identify themselves as the opposite gender might not feel at the right place in the bathroom of the gender they are born with. Like you said, they can be persecuted and judge by the one in the bathroom of the same born gender. With transgender bathrooms, they could be at ease in this new environment where they won't be judge or laugh at, but respected and treated with respect. It is not easy in today's society to affirm ourselves as the opposite gender and some want to have surgery to look more like this gender in which they identify themselves. People in the middle of the transformation of gender can be seen as an half and half and unwanted in both bathrooms. These transgender bathrooms would solve a lot of problems in my opinion.

However, hoe would you "regulate" these bathrooms? Would they be open for all or certain restrictions must be achieved in order to be allowed to use them? If yes, where would be the limit?

Hi Kaisha!

I decided to post my opinion on this issue because of this particular sentence of your original post: “Taking off the protection is not a pro or anti transgender decision is explaining the author of the article.” I find that the author demonstrates a blatant lack of understanding of the issue by saying that this was a neutral decision. It clearly isn’t.

Also, I was shocked when reading the other comments on your post. Some of those are in direct contradiction with my core values, such as having an open-mind, accepting others like they are and empathising. It feels natural for me to believe that transgenders are born in a body of the wrong sex. We have no control over what sex we identify with in the same way we don’t choose our sexual orientation.

Therefore, I am in complete disagreement with the decision to take of transgender’s right to choose their bathroom. I don’t have any problem with transgender women using the same bathrooms as I do. Has there even been 1 recorded attack of a woman by a transgender woman in a bathroom? In a sense, I don’t even understand why there is a debate over who has the right to use which bathroom because I wouldn’t mind if men and women had joined bathrooms. What are we protecting ourselves from? Men and women are together everywhere else anyway.

Do you think that having separated bathrooms is overprotecting ourselves for nothing?