Honor killing: How volunteering can help prevent additional cases.

by YosefA on April 3, 2017 - 7:14am

Julian Robinson, from Daily Mail online, has published an article about an honor killing case that occurred last month in India. The article mentions a father that killed his daughter with a meat cleaver after finding out that the boyfriend was caught in his house with his daughter alone. After the horrifying murder, the father took the body of his daughter and left on the doorsteps of his daughter’s boyfriend. The father was arrested and will be prosecuted. Also, United Nations suggested that around 1,000 to 5,000 honor killing murders occur every year, even the Supreme Court of India ruled that people who use honor killing should face a death penalty. On the other hand, Emma Green, from The Atlantic Magazine, wrote that President Donald J. Trump might have found a way to find and stop honor killing cases by tracking domestic violence abuse. This can be done because Trump has signed an executive order that helps the Department of Homeland Security to track terrorist and track cases like honor killing.

So how will I help with preventing Honor killing cases? Well, I want to volunteer to a group that fights against domestic abuse or goes against honor killings, like the Montreal Assault Prevention Center. I will help the volunteer group with what they will ask me to do. I’m not sure what I will be doing there since it will be the first-time volunteering to any group. I will volunteer to this group early-mid April. Also, if I won't be able to join that group, I will find a different volunteer group or make the second choice which is the essay that will talk about honor killing and ways of preventing them.

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I really like that you brought this issue to people’s attention, and that you have found a way to help these acts of violence. Unfortunately, honour killings are something that have been going on for years and years and are justified time and time again. These crimes also somewhat encouraged, since violence against women (Honour based violence is found in women much more than it is found in men) is portrayed over and over again in the media, society, and through traditional roles, as a way to put them in place. In our everyday society this violent sexism is portrayed through rape culture which encourages, even praises, sexual aggression,, violence and the objectification of women. We also see in ads, that if the women isn’t portraying her role as the subject of a man’s desire, she is punished violently. This sounds a lot like the Honour based violence doesn't it? In both situations the woman is supposed to be inferior and perform roles that men want her to perform, and in both situations then woman is severely punished if they break these roles. With the prominence of rape culture in society, many people don't even question the actions directed towards the victims of these crimes; it’s deemed normal. With the elimination of rape culture in society, honour based violence will hopefully be put under much more scrutiny.

Here's a link for more information on Honour Based Violence:

You bring up a very important topic that does not get enough coverage in the mainstream media. I also admire your commitment to ending this issue. Unfortunately honor killings have been going on since the beginning of human history and is very much associated with religion. The justification is that a women brings dishonor to the family. For example marrying a man that was not approved by the father. In television, music, video games, social media etc violence against women is found. Males are supposed to be dominant and women are supposed to be submissive. Women are objectified in advertisements and the impression is that they are sexual objects. In both cases Women are inferior and have to stick to their roles. If a woman does not fit these roles the man is supposed to put her in her place. We live in a Rape culture society and while yes most of society condemns rape the messages we are given from the media tell us it's fine. Men supported and actually are supposed show aggressiveness and dominance towards women. If society gets rid of the rape culture and educate people to treat each other equally Honor killings will be a thing of the past.

Here is some more information on Rape Culture http://www.wavaw.ca/what-is-rape-culture/

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