Polygamy in Canada

by Vincent Côté on September 2, 2012 - 9:02pm

Article: http://www.lapresse.ca/debats/chroniques/lysiane-gagnon/201111/25/01-447...

In the article "Les amies de la polygamie" by Lysiane Gagnon, she discuses the issue of polygamy in Canada. The also talks about a verdict that was given in Brithish-Columbia concerning the issue of polygamy where the juge comdemned polygamy "in favor of women rights". The author clearly offers her opinion of the subject which is highly in favor of the British-Columbian court.

The issue is obviously the increasing number of polygamy cases in Canada, which is prohibited by the laws of the country. The ethical issue is that the muslim religion permits the practice and even encourages it. In those regards, the people defending the custom employ the liberty of religion to defend their case.

This issue can be analyzed from a cultural stand point considering that certain cultures allow its observation. For example a cultural relativist would say that the only way to know if this marital arrangement is good or bad is by respecting the cultures. In other words, you're knowledge of this issue's ethical value is only pertinent in concern to you're own culture.

In my opinion, this matter is not one of culture but one of rights, that is, women rights. For instance, if the equivalent for women existed, (i.e. if women we're allowed to be married to multiple men) than this matter would be more fair. However, it is possible that some cases create favorable situations but in the grand scheme of things, this custom is in my opinion not justified nor necessary.