Canadian Company that i feel is ethical

by Mathieu Veron on February 25, 2013 - 2:02pm

I choose the company “Cirque du Soleil” (English: Circus of the Sun) who is a Canadian company and more specifically a Quebecor company. I think this is an ethical company because since his foundation, being part of this company is the incarnation of a dream for all the employees. Then, the company gives a great interest in his relationship with the employees. And finally, the owner and founder, Guy Laliberté, promoting sustainable development and universal access to safe drinking water through its charitable foundation One Drop. Himself, the CDS, its employees and its partners are encouraged to donate 1% of their income to charitable causes this or a similar one.


I agree with you opinion. I think it is a great ethical company. The fact that the owner Guy Laliberté is implicated in the sustainable development and the universal access to potable water with the charitable foundation ONE DROP, makes this company even more ethical, as you mentioned earlier. I think they make choices and decisions freely as determinate individuals. The encouragements for donations to charitable causes are a demonstration of the company’s values, which is good and right.

Quebecor as a corporation is a dirty company. They maintain a monopoly in Quebec with communication networks and owns and cross promotes the several newspapers they own. Buying out and owning several newspapers is corrosive to democracy and Quebecor contributes to undermining the availability of diverse opinion in media. It is never a good thing when a corporation maintains a monopoly on the market for the consumer and ultimately the overall public.

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My aunt works for company ''Cirque du Soleil'' so when I read or I see a tv reportage about this company i'm always interested. Further, I like this company because is a major project from a little man who come from Quebec and now her company is around the world! I really like the foundation One Drop. Recently, I saw a tv reportage about the trip of Guy Laliberté in space. It's a crazy adventure! In the space, Guy read a poem about the water before a camera and his performance is saw in live on the planet earth! This is a beautiful moment.

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