Together, We Will Rise Up

by Faith on February 6, 2017 - 8:32pm

Together, We Will Rise Up

Gender equality has evolved a lot in the past years. However, this human right does not apply to all of the countries. Today, we can still noticed in several countries that women do not have the same rights or treatment as the men, which is problematic. Marching together to denounce this conflict could be a great way to send a message to the world.

Recently, President Donald Trump got elected to run a powerful country, the United States. Some Americans feel insulted, scared and even threatened by Trump due to his unhuman words and actions. He has publicly insulted women, immigrants, and many other people. Therefore, American women and other people around the world decided to march together on January 21st in Washington to send a clear message to the new president. This march is called “The Women’s March on Washington”. The fact that “humanism supports democracy and human rights” (IHEU Congress 2002) is an important humanistic value for The Women’s March on Washington because this event’s goal is to denounce women’s right and gender equality. They are human rights and they need to be respected. According to AHA News, this important event is sponsored by the American Humanist Association (AHA). It is not surprising that it is sponsored by the AHA because humanism’s goals is to develop as fully as possible every human being according to Amsterdam’s Declaration 2002. Together, they will make their voice heard and that’s the power of the march.

The Women’s March on Washington concerns the women’s right. However, why does it concern other people other than the women? Why do men participate in this protest? I think that this human right affect everyone including men because it does have a direct impact on men’s rights. It redefines the rights and responsibilities of men and women. Therefore, they participate in this protest because it affects them too. We tend to think that men represent masculinity, leadership, and head of the family that brings income home. Some men might feel pressured by this image that society gives us, so if they participate in the protest, it can bring gender equality. That is where we can see the change in men and women’s place in society.

This event has a significance for me. First, the past US elections’ result affect not only the United States, but also the whole world. I feel disgusted knowing that women are still not receiving the same treatment as the men. As a woman, I think it is important to stand for our rights because every human being should be equal. This story affects me because I truly think that we can change the world if we stand up together for our human rights.

To conclude, the Women’s March on Washington on January 21st 2017 is an important event because it sends out an important message: women’s rights are human rights. Together, we will rise up and make our voices heard!













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I was drawn to your post because I am also aware of gender inequality and its disappointing that this social issue occurs worldwide. As a barista myself, working at a coffee shop is not always as nice as it seems. Yes, the environment is mostly calm and people for the most part are quite friendly. Although, as a woman taking occasional orders from men clients, I am not always treated with the respect that I deserve. Its strange to think that people think they are entitled to a morning coffee; as if I owe them something. This made me realize that most people often treat others in ways that are not always respectful because they feel superior. Unfortunately, woman in most societies are targeted as the inferior group but we need to put our foot down and stand up for ourselves if found in any degrading situation. Its a shame that there is such inequalities in todays society. I read upon the Woman's March on Washington and I am glad to know that there is a movement focusing on this issue.

You wrote a very good article about a very interesting subject. What I appreciated the most was your question. It is a really important one because I think that women's rights do have a great impact of both genders, not just on women. Women are mothers, sisters and friends to everyone and we should value every single one of them and support their rights. I am proud of everyone who stands up for what they believe in and that is why I am supporting the women's march.

I think that is absolutely true. To answer your question: Why men participate in this kind of protest? I will say that a truly free society is one where all the individuals are free. In that sense, there is no real respect of the human rights if not all the people’s rights are respected. Therefore, black’s rights are human rights, LGBT’s rights are human rights and of course Women’s rights are human rights. We should always aspire to a society that respects the rights of individuals regardless of their sex, ethnicity, nationality or sexual orientation

Love the title!

The title is very strong; I also really like the fact that you’re conscious that men suffer too from the way our society functions at the moment - especially from the kind of agenda Trump is pushing. Indeed, we live in a patriarchy. This is a system where men control all spheres and hold the power - politically, economically, religiously and socially. As you so well pointed out, it is important to realize that such a system is hurtful for both sexes. I deem that men and women were marching against this particular construct. The patriarchal world view is closely linked with the concept of hegemonic masculinity, defined as a type of masculinity that promotes male dominance. This type of masculinity promoted by the patriarchy is toxic not only to female but too male as well. Four concepts in particular are linked to this type of masculinity: violence, sexuality, power and stoicism. Patriarchy teaches us that a man must assert their dominance over others (such as marginalized groups and women), violently if necessary. Socially, this is seen as such a key component of masculinity. Sexuality, as well, is often seen as essential to manliness. It goes without saying that the physical conquest of women is praised in our society. Hegemonic masculinity also requires man to hold power. We encourage them to be CEOs, political, big shot lawyers, etc. Finally, patriarchy requires stoicism of men - the act of being government by calm, reason, logic and never passion. This is particularly dangerous because it encourages men to repress their emotions which can be unhealthy. Many scholars see a correlation between stoicism and suicide. Indeed, suicide is the number one killer of men under 40 in the United Kingdom. As you pointed out, in modern society, men constantly feel compelled to prove their masculinity in the spheres of violence, sexuality and power. This is why patriarchy can be so harmful to both sexes. I encourage you to read Toxic Masculinity is killing men: The roots of Male Trauma by Kali Holloway as I believe it could further your argument on men being repressed too by this society (

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