Change our lives, change what love is for our children

by Alyse G on December 6, 2012 - 12:37pm

            When it comes to love from a sociological standpoint, where you view its impact on others as well as how it has been illustrated through time or in different cultures, it is hard to decipher just what needs fixing and how change can occur.  There are many different types of love, even when it comes to those that are due to romantic entanglements.  I still do not believe that love is the same that it once was, and yes, we still love and relationships matter, but I still do not see the good of it outweighing the bad, like it did in history or when I was a child.  I still see all the time people meeting and saying that they are in love before they have even had the time to know one another enough for it to be worth being called love; it is just a powerful lust that drives them together, and it soon wears off. 

The amount of cheating that I see has increased, as well as the double standard of whether it is okay or not.  I have said before that males tell me how they are tired of the game but still play it; they are not alone in playing the game that should not even be called that.  I know women that cheat on their significant others and justify it, but if they were to hear that their partner was even just looking at a picture of another woman, they fly off the handle; that is not love that is hypocrisy.  That is one of the instances that spoils what we are brought to believe love to be in today’s world.  It is apparently okay to be possessive, jealous, a hypocrite, self-involved, and people call that love.  That is power and control, not love.  This is what we are displaying to future generations, and it will just continue to be poisoned with the bad.  Love is supposed to be essentially, a good emotion, a good act, a wonderful connection.  Where is that in today’s world?  Yes, I understand some people know it still exists, and it does, but it is far more outweighed by the negative.  It is also said to happen more often, where one person is your true love and the next day it is someone else.  That is puppy love!  Real love is so much more, and if we want our future children to know what real love is, we have to fight for it, we have to discover it, the reality of it that is not fabricated and commercialized but the truth. 

We need to take a step back and create changes in our own lives in regard to it if we are to see any difference made, and it takes time.  Teach the children what love is, the one where there is sacrifice, care, trust, loyalty, understanding, acceptance, honesty, and a real connection that one cannot just throw away.  That is love.  That is what we need more of in our society.  That is the beauty which has been covered with a veil and has been diminishing.  We need this back, and it is up to everyone, to believe and make the changes…otherwise, it will just be rubbish for media and Hallmark to capitalize on.