Journalism in 2017

by SamanthaW on February 3, 2017 - 6:29pm

In this article, Al Tompkins has interviewed with college journalism students. It is mentioned that everyone sees journalism almost in a bad way, meaning it is going down, less and less people are reading the newspaper and using terms like “ "layoffs," "cutbacks," "buyouts" and "freelance”” when it comes to journalism. It is stated that the students he spoke to were all into journalism because they want to make a difference. All the students want to work for the radio, TV, online, and prints. Al mentions “All but one hail from families that watched the news together or at least talked about news events regularly. Most of the students said their parents were avid newspaper consumers”. Because in the recent years journalism has been on some sort of a downfall, so the students that have been interviewed are well aware that they are not in it for the money, not for now that is. Not everyone will agree to this career path, including some of these students peers.


I believe there will be a rise in the journalism industry. Maybe not right away, but it will be back in full swing.

I think this is a reliable website because after taking a research method class i have learned that .org websites are organizations and are reliable, as well as the author of the article Al Tompkins is a very well known journalist, therefore I strongly agree that this is reliable website.


Original article written by: Al Tompkins

January 3, 2017




very good and very true

i myself find that is true because its happening to me, i dont read the newspaper,i listen to them on tv or read them on social media. journalism is like teaching your doing the job because they love it

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