Contemporary Issues- January-May 2017

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Contemporary Issues- January-May 2017


Champlain College, Saint-Lambert

Hi everyone! I'll be teaching a Contemporary Issues course this coming winter/spring and am exploring collaborative classes to link with my group of students. In my class, each student will be writing about 15 original pieces each across the semester, from news summaries to editorials, interviews, and multimedia posts. They will also be invited to make comments on work from students from other classes that resonate with their individual workflow. I have computer labs for this class, so have an opportunity to do a lot of collaborative work with this group. I wonder if anyone is planning to have students writing and submitting work in hopes of getting their class an audience of other students? If so, please feel free to email me at and we can organize some feedback activities between our classes this coming semester. While I often have collaborated with teachers from other countries for this class, and will likely have at least one international partner class, students also have appreciated local collaborative online writing in this course so I'm open to suggestions- and the partner classes need not be the same subject- as long as contemporary issues are part of the material being developed by students, I bet my class will be able to provide some context to other student authors. My students will wrap up the semester by doing personalized projects, either working with NGOs or writing multidisciplinary term papers. As the majority of the semester involves students in writing about issues in the news with a lot of creative freedom as they develop knowledge about these areas of the world through researching increasingly deep material, broadened perspectives from peers always helps! Happy New Year everyone!

contemporary issues

Hi Gabriel,

I am teaching a lit course this semester and I will have my students read your students posts and reply to them.

Ethical angle?

Hi Gabe,

I'm hoping my students will be able to use NewsActivist as a resource as they research some ethical issues, which we'll subsequently debate. Will the contemporary issues in your course have an ethical dimension (read: is this an Ethics course?)? I'd be more than happy to steer my students toward an issue you guys are working on if it fits.


Ethics and Contemporary Issues

Hi Jonathan,

While not an ethics course, this makes for a fine possibility for collaboration.

You might ask your students to comment on a post from my class and in the comment demonstrate an understanding of a theme you cover in your ethics class.

Each of your students can then apply course content in the form of  a comment associated with the contemporary issue a student in my classs wrote about, and my student can benefit from seeing an ethical angle to their post/issue of which they otherwise might not have been aware. 

Since my stduents are generally tasked with writing about contemporary issues that they believe indicate a part of the world that should be improved/changed, without elaborating their normative ethical positions, your students could be tasked with challenging and/or exposing such implicit positions.

Thanks for getting in touch!