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by 017 iphone on December 16, 2016 - 12:33am

Recently, there are lots of accidents and issues which are related to illegal drugs around the world. Also, many people criticize drug addiction. Despite illegal drugs, some people use them. Why do people look for them? Especially, many actors in Japan tend to use them in order to get rid of lots of stress from work and feel healing their body. They are addicted to them. Some young people tend to use the drugs too. There are lots of reasons, for example, they want to use them simply for entertainment or in order to relieve the pressure they feel from their parents or friends and so on. They misunderstand that to use the drugs solve their problems. However, it will be the most difficult problem they have to solve.
Actually, there are lots of kinds of drugs around the world. We can get illegal drugs easily. There are stimulants. For example, “S” and “Speed”, “marijuana” and so on. They have lots of elements of danger. Their features are excited the serve of human and to get rid of fatigue, in addition, to have a clear head. However, when its effect stops, he/she will have a sense of exhaustion. Especially, stimulant has more strong dependence than other drugs and another effects that had the hallucinations. In addition, if people have used stimulants too much, they would lose their consciousness and hemorrhages.
Why do young people look for using drugs. I think that almost all young people have hearts that are susceptible from others. It means weak minds. In addition, actually, many young people have weak minds, so they tend to prefer to do collective action. According to the news, Fukayomi in NHK on July in 2016, some young people have immature brain, so their brain will be influenced by illegal drugs. If young people use illegal drugs, they can savor a pleasant sensation easily, so they often use them in order to get the pleasant sensation. If they are able to get the pleasant sensation once, their brain will be addicted to the stimulants. It is impossible for them to get original body. In addition, we can get illegal drugs easily recently, according to website “dangerous-drug” in 2016. Its article told us how to get them and price of them. As you know, buying and selling drugs is secret. Each secret dealer makes a contact, determines to time and place they meet. According to a survey, one fourth in Japanese people experienced using drugs, so 2.9% of them used them. By the way, a stimulant of 1g is 60 thousand yen, and MDMA of 1 pill is 4 thousand yen. I think that if young people used illegal drugs, they would change their characters. Many young people always should have knowledge about it.
Finally, there are ways to support people who were addicted to the drug. The way that is her family and friends’ care and support, because they can deal with the person easily, they will be able to calm down minds by their supports. In addition, they can do his or her hobbies and exercises together. It will get rid of dependence on drug. In order to avoid dependence, it is very important for the people near the drug addicts to notice the unusual behaviors.
In conclusion, as you know, many people have already known drugs are illegal. In addition, because of using the drugs excessively, it will increase the number of drug-related deaths. I think that many Japanese people should consider the issue more seriously. Also, I think the government should make more efforts to prevent it, for example, they should add the strict law in Japanese low.


Thank you for your essay. I sometimes watch the news about drug. Famous comedians also tried to take a drug, and because of it, people will arrest by a police. Recently, very famous person was doubted to use drugs. I think drug issue is pretty serious in Japan. Therefore, your essay made me excited. Actually, I didn’t know the details and kinds of drugs. It strengthened my knowledge. I heard from my friends, you will speech about drug at a speech concert. I am looking forward to listening to your speech. I think you are interested in drug now, right. You should not use drug.

Thank you for your essay. It was interesting to know that the social issue of drugs also exists in Japan. Your text was very detailed and gave a lot of insight to the problem. You mentioned that social pressure is a really big issue in Japan, which I believe is true because it is a small country with a big population, and the citizens must abide by social demands to achieve a "place" in society, such as a decent job and salary. I have read many consequences that might arise from that, like the "Hikikomori Syndrome", where many young Japanese adults decide to withdraw from society because of the pressure. Consequently, other problems arise. Perhaps, you can expand on the social pressure that the Japanese society creates for its citizens. If you are interested in the "Hikikomori Syndrome", I recommend to click of the following link: Japantimes is the only English news outlet in Japan, and it has been providing a lot of facts since 1897.

In relation to drug usage, you can talk about the different actions individuals can take to diminish drug abuse, or suggest in detail wha kind of action the government should take. To further your knowledge on drugs and its illegal business, you can look it up from a wider perspective. Another interesting article from Japantimes ( discusses about a drugstore chain that was recently discovered in Nara.

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