Old people should return their driver’s license?

by 012cristiano ronaldo on December 13, 2016 - 12:07am

In Japan, the Japanese government recommends and promotes old people who are over 65 years old to return their driver’s license to prevent and decrease traffic accidents, I think that the recommendation is an effective action. Recently, some Japanese old people had traffic accidents, because of their poor driving ability. They have lost their physical ability. Such as decreased vision, impaired hearing, and slowed motor reflexes. So today, I will introduce a demerit and merits of returning old people’s driver’s license.

First of all, returning of driver’s license has a significant demerit. If old people return their driver’s license, they cannot drive a car, and lose their most important means of traffic. It is the one of biggest reasons that they don’t want to return their driver’s license. From year to year, their physical abilities are becoming weak. Hence, they depend on cars, or other means of carriage such as taxi. They have to go out to get food, living ware, and other necessary items by themselves. So a car is their lifeline. In addition, a car is essential for old people who live countryside, there are a few and poor traffic services, so returning driver’s license is strict demand for them. This promotion may be able to decrease traffic accidents, but it also may make some old people’s life inconvenient.

On the other hand, there are not only demerits, but also merits. They lose driver’s license’s effect, they can receive various services instead. When they return their driver’s license, they lose only the effect of driving. They can keep the license card and prove their identification by it. Then the driver’s license card became “driver’s carrier certificate”. When old people who returned their license go to some facilities such as hotels, hot spring spots, shopping malls, amusement parks, and so on, and use a bus or taxi, they can receive discounting service from these facilities, when they show their driver’s carrier certificate. Hyogo prefecture’s police promote these service to old people on websites and posters. Some old people were attracted by these services, so they return their license. I think this promotion is effective action to make old people return it.

Moreover, there is the biggest merit for all Japanese people. Some old people are poor at driving and often cause traffic accidents. According to report of Japanese Metropolitan Police Department, about 20% old people who are over 65 years old related traffic fetal accidents in 2015. The rate is twice as much as 2005. It is a serious result for us. They explain feature of traffic accidents that are related to old people. For instance, old people can’t see streets clearly and they confuse accelerator and brake. Hence returning driver’s license can be a good counterplan against their accident.

In conclusion, some old people don’t want to give up their driver’s license because of losing means of traffic and the returning’s procedure takes time. But returning driver’s license is an effective and potent solution for Japanese aging society. I think old people are ought to realize and consider their own physical ability and driving technique. If they notice their ability is not enough to drive, they must return their driver’s license as soon as possible. To realize their ability is the first step to prevent traffic accident. I recommend them to take driver’s lecture which aim to elderly in driving school. They should take lecture and test which can realize their physical and discriminate ability of traffic signal and sign or people. According toHELPGUIDE.ORG October 2016, Regular check-ups are important to keep them in the best possible driving shape. The checks includes their eyesight, hearing, and get enough sleep. These checks will help old drivers and all people.


Your writing was good because I knew your opinions about old people’s driver’s licenses. I think that it is difficult to make them return their licenses soon, so the police have to be careful about old people driving a car. For example, checking on the roads, having over 65-year-old people take a medical check-up and so on. By the way, my hometown is a country and there are a few public transportations, so cars are essential for my family. I also think that Japanese government should increase the number of public transportations such as trains, buses and so on. 003 Tigers

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