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by loup jr on March 3, 2013 - 8:40pm

I have decided to talk about Subway Company because I believe it is an ethical business. First of all, this company import their vegetable from country that doesn’t exploit the children. Also, Subway presents a healthy menu. She encourages the people with her active life program. This program helps people to lose weight and to have healthy life and support them with a mentor/coach. Subway Company supports the young sport teams. She subsidises local team and provide them with free submarines and bottles of water during sport tournament like hockey, golf and soccer. Subway as a policy about the student employees, she makes sure that no student works more than twenty hours a week. Subway is very strong about that and truly believes in its employee’s scholarship success. Subway as made a commitment to reduce its environmental footprint and have positive influence with community across the world.




I am surprised that Subway treat their employees with so much respect. It is a good place to work for a student, they help student to work and study. I knew they support sports, but I did not know about the free stuff. Most of the time local sports team do not have a lot of financial resources. Subway help kids to stay active and to play their favorite sports. Also, Subway is one of the rare healthy fast food. With their active life program, they certainly helped many people with losing weight and being healthier. Thumbs up Subway ! 

Wow! I am very suprise about your post. I eat to many times at Subway but I did not know about all your description. Their menu is good for healthy if I compare with the others fastfood and I like this point! I did not know about the support for the children and the student. Now, I see this company in a different eyes.

Your post is surprising because usually big company do not necessarily respect their policy mainly the one about the students. I didn't know that they made some moves to reduce their environmental footprint. Finally I agree with you about the healthy menu and what they exude is faithful to what they say they are.

Hi Sarah,

You made a number of errors in verb agreement and gender. A company is an 'it' and not a 'she'. In English, people will be looking for a person!

Check your grammar and think about your mistakes.

I will say like others, I am very surprised that Subway gives respect to their employees. This is a good company that is not a get their products in the countries where it operates children, which is a good thing because many companies do not think about the details. I also knew that Subway offered a program Help for people who suffer from obesity. It's really interesting to offer underwater and water bottles to sports teams. We can therefore see that some company will always surprise us.

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