Education for All

by jam20 on November 7, 2016 - 10:09pm

          Education is a critical in order for an individual to achieve success in life in the United States. Therefore, it is essential that students with disabilities have access to an appropriate education which serves their disabilities. Disability and the education system by Laudan Aron and Pamela Loprest, explores the quality in which the United States education system supports students with disabilities and how it has evolved over time. This includes students with any physical, emotional,mental or learning disability which could impede their education. Evaluating data regarding the service for students with disabilities under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) provides the conclusion that although there has been improvement, the United States special education demands structural reorganization. ( Aron & Loprest, 2012) IDEA has composed an infrastructure which serves to educate disabled children by providing disabled students with expanded access to public education as well as increased involvement with nondisabled peers. Prior to the passage of the IDEA act in 1975, only one in five disabled students even attended public schools. In various states, public schools went as far as excluding children who were mentally retarded or emotionally disturbed, as well as blind or deaf. The 3.5 millions students who did attend school were placed into segregated institutions and were not publicly served. By 2003-2004 over 6.7 million students with disabilities receive public services from their education system. (Aron & Loprest, 2012) However, students with disabilities continue to fall significantly behind their peers, they are given lower standards and have an increased chance of dropping out of high school.( Aron & Loprest, 2012) Even though there has been considerable improvement in educational services for those with disabilities, there are still many flaws in the way the United States provides these people with an appropriate education.

            It is important for the adequacy of the United States special needs education system to be evaluated in order for disabled individuals to be able to achieve success. The Nations education system is crucial to children with disabilities as well as their families. An unfulfilling and non-successful life will be the result for a disabled person if they do not receive an appropriate education. Education highly alters a disabled person’s health by impacting their competence to self-advocate. It also is crucial to a disabled person’s health that they are able handle complicated yet important services such as medical, social and insurance systems systems which they might depend upon. ( Aron & Loprest, 2012) It is difficult enough for people without disabilities to achieve success. Therefore, it is even more urgent that those with disabilities receive an appropriate education. Otherwise, they will be put at an extreme disadvantage in society making their success and quality of life difficult to accomplish.


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Your post caught my attention because I agree that there should be education for all including those with disabilities. No matter how severe the disability they should have the opportunity to reach success just like anyone else. I agree that is severe that the United States offers appropriate education in public schools for those with disabilities no matter the circumstances.
In high school, I worked in a special education class with offers education to those with disabilities. My focus was Autism. These children were doing math at a higher level than most would believe that they could do. Although they are behind their level of education than others at their age they are receiving good education. Educating all is very important to me because I have a nephew who is now 11 years old. I wish him success with his education and hope that he can be as successful as anyone one else and get the proper education that he needs to be successful.

This is a very good post ! The thing that caught my attention was the title of the post "Education for all". This post made me think about the fact that education is a thing that most people take for granted because it is accessible for them. However, it is true that disabled people do not have equal access to education. It was very interesting to learn that education has a great impact on disabled people's health and their autonomy. Overall, this made me think about a concept that we learned in class: "White privilege". When you said " they will be put at an extreme disadvantage in society making their success and quality of life difficult to accomplish", it made me think about the fact that minorities are put in disadvantage in society as well. Because of their "race" the education system may be not treating them equally, which has a negative effect of their chances to succeed. Also, when you stated that " they are given lower standards" and "fall significantly behind their peers", is similar in many ways to the fact that racial minorities are given these stereotypes that they "can do less", when in reality they are not given the same opportunities. That is why I thought your post made me think of the concept of White privilege. Very good post !

I was originally drawn to this post by your title, "Education for All" because I think education is a very important aspect of life for mental stability, plus i love learning new things myself and I think everyone deserves that right! What really drew me in was when you started mentioning education for people with disabilities of all kinds. I was pleasantly surprised to see your post turn in this direction. I agree that those people with disabilities already are burdened by ridicule and are being treated unequally as a student by brushing them off because they won't achieve great things. I think that idea is appalling, anyone and everyone is capable of achieving greatness. Schools need to do a better job at supplying special and efficient learning help for people with disabilities so they are learning at their own pace and moving forward. This subject really hits home with me and I feel strongly about it because my younger seven year old brother has ADHD and a processing disorder which causes him to learn at a much slower pace than all of the other kids in his class. When he first entered the school system as a kindergartener the teacher and faculty did not know how to handle him and were actually trying to suspend him for acting out with frustration. He wasn't equipped with any resources as the law requires and my mom got furious at the school's threats and hired a lawyer and talked to the school's administration. The school now set up many resources for my brother and he has drastically improved in three years, he is in second grade now and loving it! He attends summer school every year to keep up and we are very happy with the school's willingness to change and help. I know how frustrating it can be and hope more people take a stand for what is right instead of letting disabled children have unfair care.

What drew me to your post was your title by itself “Education for All” which clearly states that education should be accessible for all children, youths, adults as well as people with physical or mental disability. Therefore, everyone should get proper and equal learning opportunities. This post made me think about an issue I hadn’t considered before which is the high discrimination of students with disabilities in the educational system despite the substantial improvement. Since I was a kid till now and from what I have seen in my school environment, I thought that students with disabilities were always taken extra care than the rest of us but I found it interesting to learn in your post that in actual, despite the progress in educational services for those with disabilities, students are still not always given the proper learning needs and they are even “given lower standards” (Aron & Loprest, 2012). I find it very sad that people with disabilities have already so much in their plate (their mental and physical issue) on a daily basis and on top of that we add them an unreasonable educational system who don’t meet their learning needs. Indeed, I agree with you and I think we should focus on how to improve our educational system and make it “actually” available and accessible for everyone in order to allow all to achieve success! When you said that everyone should be given a chance to receive education in order to succeed and have a better education, it reminded me of the concept of “white privilege” which I have learned in my anthropology class. The same way discrimination put disabled individuals at a disadvantage, the same way racism put visible minority groups at a disadvantage. Everyone should be given equal chances to learn without basing someone’s capacity to learn based on their skin color or mental or physical disability. Both discrimination and racism are unfortunately aspects that are present in our society since a very long time, however we can try to diminish the existence of these by starting to reduce or completely remove the presence of both racial prejudices and discrimination in our educational system! Overall, very good and relevant post!

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