Endangered Species in Africa

by karolefrancois on November 2, 2016 - 10:41pm

Many animals and plants are on the list of endangered species, in fact, more than 15 000 thousands. By definition, endangered means that something is threatened with extinction, loss, destruction or exposed to a danger. Hence, it is easy to understand that it is not wanted to obtain a statistic like the one above for this situation. Unfortunately, animals in Africa are omnipresent on that list.  Although there are a lot of reasons that can lead to the death of theses animals, there are solutions installed to solve the issue.

            Initially, to understand the extinction of certain African species, it is essential to know the different causes of death that affect them. Deforestation, forest fire, land flooding and climat changes are the major reasons. One of the biggest issue is abusive hunting and fishing. For instance, National Geographic Society reports that as many as 30000 elephants are killed each year for elephant ivory. Moreover, pollution and diseases are affecting the animals directly. By that, industrial activities and threats of epidemic can affect a whole herd of animals.

            Furthermore, the population doesn’t seem to be aware of the huge consequences that come with the loss of a whole specie. The ecosystem is destabilized in such circumstances. Just like a cycle, the predator eats the pray and so on. If we remove an animal from an ecosystem, it will affect all of the other ones who compose it. As a result, there will be too much predators or pray for the other group. This will cause problems overtime. For example, if we remove a lion from a cycle, there will be too much gazelles and not enough grass. One possible outcome that World Wildlife Fund discovered is that ‘’ African lions are projected to lose another 50 percent of their populations over the next 20 years’’. The food chain is affected by the endangered species and so is the biodiversity we have on earth keeps getting smaller.

            Hopefully, there are different actions taken to prevent these extinctions to occur. First, it is possible to protect their habitat by instauring protected areas, halt the deforestation, restore places that have been destroyed by human activities and preserve them. As a result, these actions will reduce the habitat loss. It is possible to strengthen local and international law enforcement, for example The Canadian Encyclopedia mentions that ‘’ in 2002, the government of Canada passed its first law on the protection of wildlife species at risk, the law on Species at Risk’’. Therefore, laws to protect animals only exist in Canada since 2002, which is still recent. Moreover, another solution to help reduce the number on the list would be to put a stop illegal wildlife trade.

            In conclusion, African species like African wild dogs, elephants and rhinos are exposed to a big danger of extinction. The danger is mostly caused by human activities and their way of living without always thinking of the important consequences that result from their act. For the best of all of us, people should be more aware of their actions and get involved in the conversation of our ecosystem. 


Text by Frédérique Jetté & Karolanne Lefrançois.

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Thank you for your essay. I have sometimes thought about endangered animals in Africa. I don’t know the reasons why people in Africa kill elephants or rhino for getting their tusk and horn. I have heard “it can use as a medicine.” However, I can’t understand this opinion because human think human is top. Therefore, people do something which is good for human. It was a good example that if we remove lion, gazelles will increase too much. It was very interesting for me. I agree with your essay. I think the reason why decreases the habitat is because of human, so human have to think and focus on this issue. Thank you.

Hello. Thank you for your essay. I have been interested in endangered animals and plants since before, because they become problem in the world. Also, thanks for your essay, I could learn about them more. According to your essay, there are some reasons of this problem, but the major cause of this problem is human action, and I think so. Actually, some people hunt animals and cause pollution. I think that animals are very important and also have their lives the same as human. Therefore, I also think that we, human, should consider solutions of the problem and revise our action.

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