I Put a Spell on You...

by sconti on November 4, 2016 - 6:09pm

I've read a lot of women powering articles. I've heard about them on the news. It's a topic that might not ever die out. Why? Because it's a topic that changes as the decades go on. As a women, myself, I have great respect for women who have originated, founded, governed, prophesied, created great art, fought for our rights, and for ourselves. These are the type of women we all need to be like. We need to make our own stories and prove that we are equal to men. 


As many fairy tales portray… the prince comes for the girl. That’s why I've always loved the story Beauty and the Beast. It wasn’t about a prince falling in love with a girl, but a girl falling in love with the personality of a monster. This story doesn’t get as much attention as like Cinderella has. I mean think about it… how many recreations of Cinderella have you seen/heard of? For me I can name a solid 3. Beauty and the Beast lets little girls know that they don't always have to find the nicest looking guy because looks only last so long. They need to learn at a young age that a mans personality is what really matters.


I’m sure you’re wondering at this point why I even mentioned Beauty and the Beast because it doesn't relate much to what I started off with. Well here’s why… believe it or not, women have the biggest impact on a man. Belle was the answer to the Beast turning into a man again. This is why “sex” is used for cars, billboards, etc. With a simple glance, a women can have a guy come talk to her without saying a word.


But why do we waste that power on men in the first place? I’ve seen plenty of long term relationships end. What I want to know is why don't we use the “sex sells” method for other things? Now I’m not saying that yeah it’s okay for women to exploit themselves and use sex to get what they want, because I don’t agree with that at all. But is it so wrong to make a few facial motions to get what you want (and not in the sex way)? Maybe instead of using our powers for the good, we can use them for evil.


I find myself doing this everyday. I’ll “flirt” with someone and won’t even realize I’m doing it until I realize that they're doing it back. I can’t even tell you how many times I get flirty with guys because I want something and I get it. It’s like men go under a spell. By acting “cute and innocent” (which is my most useful power) women have men melting in her hands like putty. 



I strongly believe that women should be treated equal to men, but who said we couldn't have a little fun with it…?



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I agree with you that women should be treated the same as men, and as the decades change it seems like things are becoming loser to being equal, and then other times it seems like we have gone back in time by about 70 years.

Hello Sconti, I agree strongly that women deserve to be equal with men I do however disagree that women should flirt to get what they want. In doing this women are making themselves to be sexual objects. They are showing men that women’s purpose is to seduce men. Sex positive feminists claim that women should be able to freely express their sexuality. However this does not mean they believe women should exploit themselves. Women in doing this are taking steps back and turning themselves into sexually passive ones who should be dominated. This is unhealthy to teach women and girls as it could lead them to think they need to look a certain way since if women flirt to get everything they want only those who society deems beautiful will thrive. This could also feed into the ideology that pornography brings that woman “always want it.” A very harming and anti-feminist ideology that some men use to justify sexual assault. While it is okay to flirt with people you like or wish to peruse. Flirting with people to simply get your way is not empowering to women. It makes women sexually objectify themselves, which in turn allows men to feel they can do the same. If you want to learn more on sex positive feminists here is a link you can look at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sex-positive_feminism

Hi sconti,
Your unique title, perspective, and writing on this subject caught my interest as a reader- good job :) I agree with your stance on equality amongst genders. We must empower women and continue to fight for freedom and equal rights. Your article seems to be geared towards women’s influence over men, and even the possibility of using this to our advantage. I’m not to decide whether this is right or wrong, but considering all the empowered women which you discuss at the beginning of the article, why must our hard work only be geared towards proving that we are equal to men? Women should feel free to fight for what they please and contribute towards their passion in their work, and make the impact that they wish to have on the world. Whether it be creating great art, fighting for rights, contributing to innovation, or to “have men melting in her hands like putty”.

Overall, you caught my attention in your writing by bringing up an interesting and possibly controversial perspective on the subject- good job :)

Hey sconti,
Your post definitely caught my attention with your unique and honest perspective. I think that a lot of people shy away from talking about using feminine attributes for personal gain in discussions of feminism, because it can reflect poorly on women and feed into some misogynist stereotypes of women as manipulative.
But what I have always believed about feminism is that it is about fighting for the right of all people to make their own empowered choices and embrace their gender identity and sexuality in any way they see fit, even if that's not the approach one would necessarily take oneself. The only question your piece raises for me is in terms of the hetero-normative way you approach this issue- your opinion seems pretty heavily reliant on most or all people fitting in to the classic male/female box for sexuality and gender identity. But overall I appreciate the core message I'm getting from this post- which I interpret to be that we should all embrace who we are.
Definitely an interesting and thought-provoking piece, good work.

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