Food Wasting Monsters

by Bedard55 on November 3, 2016 - 5:03am

Food Wasting Monsters


     Eating is not only a pleasure, it is also a physical necessity.  At the time being, 900 million people are hungry worldwide and one billion people are overfed.  All around the world, the current consumption and production tendencies mainly show that the global food production will need to increase by 60% by 2050 to support the world demand (FAO organisation).  Moreover, the level of wasted food is now reaching high summits in many countries, like in Canada and the US, where the problem is a huge obstacle to face.  Unfortunately, the high amount of food wasted in North America has serious side effects from coast to coast.  First, Canadians are doing it wrong, they are losing a lot of money each year because of their wasted food problematics. In addition, they are endangering their ecological system.  Second, the US is not even better, their food wasting problem is out of control because they don’t even realise the gravity of the situation.  Moreover, the Americans are not focussing on the losses that could be reduced from farm to fork.


To begin, the struggle against Canadian waste has to be stronger because it causes many complications.

     First, wasting food is not good for the economy.  According to a study published by the Global News, Canadians are throwing out 31 billion dollars a year that way.  This represents 40% of the food production for one year in Canada.  Unfortunately, most of the problem is about household wasted food, which corresponds to nearly 50% of all the thrown out food (Global News).  Sylvain Dubois, a professor at the University of Guelph’s Food Institute, explained that this amount of waste could be considerably reduced if people would do inventories, buy what they really need and go to grocery store without being hungry.  Of course, this could make an economic difference and the money could be invested in something else than food (Global News).  In brief, wasting food is not valuable for the Canadian government budget and people’s wallet.

     Second, wasting food is an important source of ecological disturbance.  First, the environmental price of the biodiversity deterioration is extremely high and the food wasted problem is now considered as one of the major sources of global pollution.  In fact, food wastage contributes to the agricultural expansion and overexploitation, which destroyed wild areas and even wildlife.  Suzanne Goldberg wrote, ‘’Food waste accounts for about 8% of global climate pollution, more than India or Russia.’’ Second, climate change is endangered by wasted food.  According to some scientists from Environment Canada, lands filled with organic matter such as food produce methane gases.  These gases are 25 times more damaging to the environment than Carbone dioxide (Toronto Food Policy). Additionally, another problem that this food creates is foodborne illnesses. When large amounts of food waste are thrown and a landfill, it is probable that bacteria that is dangerous will be created during the decomposition of the food, which can generate biological threats to humans and animals alike.  In sum, wasting food is surely not a good thing for the Canadian ecological health and the planet itself.


To continue, there are many explanations to the US waste problem, even if the majority of the US population doesn’t seem to know the amplitude of their wasted food trouble.

     First, the waste of food around the United States is of an important matter. This country in particular is an important source of food waste. Suzanne Goldberg wrote, ‘’Every second, an amount of food equal to the weight of a sedan car is thrown away in the US – about 60M tons a year,’’ 60 million tons is an important and concerning amount of wasted food. Additionally, food will be wasted at home. Consumers buy usually too much food and end up throwing it away, even if it is sometimes still good. Finally, there are solutions to help to reduce the amount of wasted food, such as giving this food to people in need who have a little to no income, instead of throwing it in a landfill.

     Second, the waste of food: from farm to fork. Produce cosmetic and size standards such as the ones imposed by the United States Department of Agriculture are strict enough so that a large portion of the food that is produced by a farm does not leave the said farm and is used as cattle feed or thrown away in nearby landfills. Also, the food that leaves a farm can also be lost during transportation for various reasons, such as accidents with the transporting truck or temperatures and humidity changes that can affect the quality of the produce. Furthermore, the produce that makes it to the stores will be partly wasted because of manipulation by both consumers and employees that can damage a fruit's skin, for example, or once again unhealthy temperatures when transposed on shelves.


     To conclude, the massive level of food wasted in North America has serious side effects that are cause by many different reasons.  On the one hand, wasting food is an awful thing for the Canadian economy and ecology.  On the other hand, the Americans also have similar problems and causes which generate a huge amount of wasted food.  Without a doubt, North Americans should stay aware about that huge problem and remember that every little action could make a difference in reducing wasting food.


(Written by Alexandre Bedard & Julien Gervais - English 102 B 2016/11/03)




MEDIAGRAPHY - 2016/11/03


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Hello. Thank you for your essay. I am also interested in your topic, food wasting because it becomes a problem recently, and I often hear. I think that food wasting is not good because it gives bad effect to economy and so on. Therefore, the government or we have to consider to increase food wasting. In my opinion, if customers buy the amount of food which we can eat only once, they don’t have to throw away food. Therefore, they should not buy too much food. I think that all people have to think about importance of food and try to prevent food wasting for making good economy.

Hi, I’m 003 Tigers. Your essay was very good. I think that food wasting is a big problem in the world. However, most Japanese people don’t worry about it because Japan is one of the richest countries and they don’t care that. Thanks to your writing, I could know the information about it. This problem can cause many problems such as ecological health and so on. We know that a lot of people are hungry around the world. Therefore, we should think the measures to solve it. Japanese people should feel danger because Japan can be poor country in the future.

Thank you for your essay. I understood what you would like to tell us. In addition, I didn’t know the issue about food wasting before reading your essay. There are so many people in the world. People sometimes throw food which we couldn’t eat at all. However, there are many people who cannot eat enough food. We have to think the solution for changing the present circumstance of national economy and environment. Young people should work on this issue because I think young people relate to this issue than adults. At first, I will change the style of buying food. Your essay was pretty good.