The Mind "Blowing" Sandwich

by danim.diaz98 on September 26, 2016 - 3:45pm


Imagine yourself at noon, you are in downtown Montreal and you have been walking all day just to get to the bus stop that is going to get you home, it is super-hot outside and you are hungry like a wolf. The quickest solution to your problem would be to just go to the nearest fast-food restaurant and order a big fat juicy burger and quench that hunger of yours. How do fast food franchises such as Burger King or Mc Donald’s make us so attracted to their food? Well, the answer is advertisements. Advertisements help industries commercialize their products and create greater chances of selling them to the population. And it is exactly what Burger King, one of the biggest fast food franchises did with this advertisement. Except that there is something fishy about this advertisement, the title of the advertisement, the angle of the photo, the description of this mind « blowing » sandwich.


First of all, the Burger King poster shows us the profile of a young beautiful woman with lip balm and mascara with her mouth open and just in front of her, the brand new « 7 inches sandwich » from BK. On the bottom of the woman’s face lays the following sentence: « It’ll blow your mind away ». The concept of male dominance and possession is fairly emphasized in this advertisement; the woman being controlled by the sandwich. The sandwich clearly referring to a penis in this advertisement in the description: « Fill your desire with something long, juicy and flame grilled with the new BK super seven incher ». The advertisement in general is a clear reference to what we call a « Blow Job ». The act of showing women as sexual objects to satisfy men’s desires inspires the idea that women are not respectable nor equal in a relationship, this objectification of woman leads to a normalization of violent behaviour against women such as sexual harassment, rape and domestic violence. In the documentary « Miss Representation »: « Turning a person into an object is the first step to justify violence against a person ».


We should be concerned by the fact that women are being showed as objects. Burger King, a franchise that sells products to the public from every range of age should not show that kind of advertisement because the younger costumers are exposed to this types of stereotypes. This could be a problem in the future as kids watching this advertisement could have some bad ideas of and definitions of a woman and could be harmful to our society. Because of this advertisement, people are only going to focus on the message behind the real purpose of the advertisement and will not pay attention to the quality of the product. We should « apply consumer pressure on manufacturers and advertisers » so that they change these types of advertisements. People should pay more attention to the quality of the beef that is being used or the condiments in the actual burger. I would arrange this advertisement by taking the mouth-opened woman off the picture and the aggressive description that the publisher wrote about the sandwich, although I don’t see any problem with the “Mind Blowing Sandwich” part because it can refer to anything that is mind blowing, so I would keep that part just to keep a little “catchiness” in the advertisement. Who are we kidding, we all like something catchy in advertisements.


In conclusion, this advertisement shows us a bad image of women, it normalizes the idea that women are sexual objects that satisfy men’s desires. It is also a trigger to violent acts against women and this could be a problem to our society for the fact that the younger population have access to this kind of advertisement. We should always reflect on what we see in publicity and not always believing on what the media shows us.


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Thank you for your interesting, extremely suggestive ad and your interpretation.
I totally agree with you that we should be concerned about objectification of women (and men) and of the social level of ad, of course. Yes, advertisement like this one is (or can be) really triggering.

Well, personally, I don’t want to be controlled by a well-topped piece of bread – why do you think, that “the woman being controlled by the sandwich”? You argue that the sandwich clearly refers to a penis - I know what you mean but try to get a deeper look: WHY do you think that the sandwich reflect an unappetizing reference to oral sex? What kind of knowledge is necessary to understand this ad in general?

“Because of this advertisement, people are only going to focus on the message behind the real purpose of the advertisement and will not pay attention to the quality of the product.” - You write about “the real purpose of the advertisement” - What is their real purpose? What is the aim of this fast food advertising? Who is it aimed at? Is the ad solely intended for men?

All in all, that is exactly my own view: we should always reflect on what the media shows us and on what we SEE.