Police Brutality: Does Black Lives Matte

by Nickpou66 on September 13, 2016 - 1:59pm


The article “No Justice, No Peace” written by Cassandra Chaney and Danielle Joy Davis describe the events of August 9, 2014 in Ferguson Missouri and how the police misconduct lead to many riot and protests around North America.

In summary, the article describes the events of Ferguson when Michael Brown, an 18 years old black man got shot by Darren Wilson, a white police officer. The shooting created many protests and riots in Ferguson and in the United States because it was not the first time a black man was shot for no valuable reason. The article highlights that police brutality is not a new phenomenon and that 23 years before the incident in Ferguson, there was still police brutality toward minorities (Rodney King). The death of Michael Brown just reminded the black community that there was clear racism by some police officers. The article also explains that the policeman that killed Michael Brown in Ferguson was not indicted for his action. People started to describe police brutality as “Routinely violating the constitutional rights of black residents” and that the justice is not punishing. The author also illustrates the gravity of the problem by saying that black teens are shot 21 times more then white people by police officers. The incident regarding Michael Brown just reminded the community on how black lives do not matter and that the security that the police are supposed to ensure is transformed by racist brutality that is not punished.


In the article, the morals and values being debated are well distinguished. On one hand the morals and values prone by the police are security, justice, freedom and the respect of the law while the morals and values prone by the citizens are peace, fairness, justice and human rights. In the article, the authors share the morals and values prone by the citizens that are that police officers are not respecting the constitutional rights of black people and that they are taking away their human rights. The authors explain that the police department in Ferguson and in many other states misconducts are not punished severely. The average sentence given to police officers that commit such acts is approximately 14 months. According to citizens, the police do not have morals and values, are racist and are taking away their human rights. On one hand, police officers want to prone freedom justice and security. Their acts according to them are pure acts of justice and that police brutality is necessary in certain cases. The authors and civilians do not agree with this statement because according to them, police officers are using in excess their powers without being punished.

In my opinion, I think that police brutality is a really important ethical issue because it does not reflect the primary mission of the police department, which is peace and security. I think that racism is the cause of police brutality and that police officers are not punished severely enough for their acts. It is not morally correct to take away lives and repeatedly violate the constitutional rights of black people. The police are the figure of authority in the country and their acts do not reflect how they should conduct themselves. Is there another way police departments can ensure safety without using unnecessary violence particularly toward minorities?

Work cited: Chaney, Cassandra. Davis, Danielle Joy. “No Justice, No Peace”. Journal of Black Studies, vol.39, no.4, winter 2015, pp.267-271


When I first heard of this event on the news for the first time, I was shocked. You article caught my attention since you would think that with all protestations and equality measures, racism would have dissolved. As you mentioned, there is no justified reason for Michael Brown's death.
In my opinion, I am also against police brutality because, by committing such violent acts, it goes against their initial duty of assuring security and order in society. There should be the value of justice and fairness in police interventions, meaning that police should intervene homogenously in different situations, regardless of race. I think that this instinctive brutality towards Black people goes as far back as when they were used as slaves. However, the fact that the policeman who committed the act only got 14 months of prison makes us question the worth of that innocent Black man's life and whether Darren Wilson acted according to the principle of doing no harm. Nonetheless, would having only Black policemen in a county where there is a considerable population of Black people would ease this police brutality and oppression?

Great job on your article !

Your article is well written and you grasp on many points about the issue. The topic itself is also a great one as it is both controversial an modern. I agree that some policemen do use unreasonable forces during altercations unfortunately, many end up with body counts.
In your article you go as far as reminding about the slave history in America, it shows how the Black population was always oppressed. As a result, they all regroup into communities where they feel accepted and Ferguson has a good population of those communities. Some people associate Black people with stealing and crimes, which does not help getting rid of that stigma. Unfortunately, policemen are also taught that in case of danger they have to shoot to protect themselves, which is okay in a way. Thu, what if policemen were actually trained in psychology and how to deal with mental illnesses or mental breakdown? I know most confrontation do not involve mentally ill person but it can give the policemen more knowledge and option on how to react to situation rather than shooting at everyone. Instead of serving and protecting others, they are actually responding to events and then protecting themselves without properly accessing the threat or the situation.

Your article was very well thought through and very true to the facts. I agree with everything you had to say regarding the issue. You had my attention the whole way through. I find it a little concerning that racism is still an issue in this day in age. You would think we came such a long way but it looks like history is just repeating itself. I was somewhat informed on the issue before reading this article but you brought up some minor details of knowledge that I was lacking like the average sentence given to these officers which as you stated was on average 14 months. This is certainly not severe enough. On top of this they should either get suspended or lose their badge. They are doing the opposite of protecting society rather installing fear on a race. Sentencing like this arises many concerns that losing innocent lives pretty much worth nothing. What kind of punishment should be imposed on these officers?

As I went through your post, I have to say that I agree with your opinion and that black people's lives do not have the same value as white people's lives in the US. I think it is ashamed for white people and especially police officers, to discriminate a blacks just because of the colour of their skin. We are in 2016 and there is that many people who discriminate other races and ethnicity. African American have been fighting for equality since as long as it goes back to colonization and yet, a lot of americans can't give them this equality that every human being has the right to have. Racial discrimination has been around for a long time in the US and it is curiously observable in the field of justice, as you mentioned in your text. Police authorities have often despise black people's rights on the basis of criminal accusations. The percentage of black people incarcerated in jail is disproportionate compare to white people or other ethnicity. I think this racial injustice needs to stop and people have to accept other ethnicities a lot more than they already do, if they do so. African americans have fought enough for their rights, that they, technically, shouldn't even fight for.

In the post, ‘’Police Brutality: Does Black Lives Matte’’, the author declares that the police brutality is a big ethical issue in United States because it is a question about security and constitution rights of black community. I wanted to comment this post because this situation this summer in USA was inadmissible and it shocked me that there has still nowadays racism in our neighboring country. I totally agree with you, I mean, I understand the responsibility of the police officers to protect civilians and how stressful it could be to face some situations. However, I strongly think that killing someone is not ethical whatever what was the situation or what they did. Their brutalities are contradictory to their duty which is to assume the security of everybody. There are no valid situations where killing someone should be a solution to considerate. How far the sanctions must go to curb police violence? Are banning to carry weapons during the exercise of their duties, suspension or removing the right to practice this profession enough to put a stop to this injustice?
Great job with your article!

This is a very taught provoking article that caught my attention because of the interesting issue that you treated and how you organized your article. White supremacy and racism is extremely present in our modern society, mostly in the United States. I believe that human beings are all equal and that putting one race above the others in order to be and feel more powerful, is unethically wrong. Black lives do matter and police brutality towards black people should not occur in 2016. We all matter, regardless of our nationality, religion or skin colour, because at the end, we are all the same. Equality is something that should be given to all of us. However, if the situation was inverted, do you think black policeman would practise racism over white people because of all the power they would obtain?

The topic that you chose is a very interesting topic and it’s very connected to the actuality. It’s discouraging to see now our days that the issue with the racism towards black people is still not settle. I think, like probably everybody, that there should not be racism towards races. In my opinion, this racism comes from the background of the United-States. Historically, the United-States have always been racism and it’s like repercussion of this history. That doesn’t mean that it makes it right for the police officer to kill innocent people like that. But we have to understand the background of this people and the culture in which they have been raise. Although I’m totally against the racism and I really thing that there should be consequences to this acts.

The title of the article really caught my attention because it's a subject that comes up a lot in the news and in many articles these days. There are many cases of police brutality in the US, especially against african americans. Personally, I have the same opinion as you because I think that it's unacceptable for police officers to do this and to simply kill a certain race without real reasons behind it and they don't even really get punished for it. I have always believed that everyone should be treated equally and there shouldn't be inequality of the races. With this said, the article demonstrates that brutality is still happening towards when it should be in the past. Will police brutality against African Americans ever really stop?