What Colour do you Bleed?

by CastanheiroA on September 12, 2016 - 9:46am

Racism is  a very present issue in the world that we live in. We hear, talk or maybe even experience it everyday. Learning about race and racism has already opened my eyes and I am already starting to look at the world differently. What has shocked me the most so far in this anthropology class is realizing that race is nothing but a social construct. They are beliefs that have been imposed on us that do not even exist scientifically. If everybody stopped believing in races and racism then it would not exist and therefore not be a social issue. One’s intelligence is not based on an irrelevant factor such as physical appearance. In “race without colour” written by Jared Diamond, the author points out that most physical traits that separate people into “races”, according to our society, are due to geographic reasons. These reasons may include natural selection, sexual selection, adaptation, etc. However, we do not attribute a higher level of intelligence to any specific group of similar looking animals, and should therefore not apply this concept to the human race either (Diamond, 1994, para. 12,13,14,15). It it shocking to me that although it is proved that race does not exist and there is no gene for race, people are still openly racist and strongly believe in such concepts. Each and everyone of us are made up of the same type of genes. We are all the same on the inside, just not on the out. This shows the lack of education in our society. In the world we live in, we are aware of unimportant things such as hockey statistics, computers, etc. but not something as important as not discriminating a group of people based on how their hair looks when they get out of the shower. I strongly believe that the truth behind racism and categorizing people by the way they look should be taught everywhere, and not only as an elective class. Hopefully, once enough people are educated, racism will no longer be an issue. People must be aware that race does not exist, and if everybody stopped paying attention to things that are primarily run by the dominant groups that are imposing these beliefs and ideas (such as social media, the news, TV, etc.,) then nobody would believe in this theory. A human being is not born racist, they are taught it at a very young age because it is surrounding our everyday lives. I do not personally blame a racist person for believing in racism because it is hard not to when we are constantly surrounded by it. I blame society for not teaching people what we should know. I think the solution is to spread the word, and to  not resent racist people because they have simply been misinformed. It it each of our duties to educate people on this subject and open the eyes of the people surrounding us and hopefully make the world a little bit better.  


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Diamond, J. (2016, Winter). Race Without Color. In A. Nouvet (Ed.), Anthropology 381-101-LA: The Myth of Race and the Reality of Racism. Saint-Lambert, QC: Champlain. 


In my reading of many posts for this assignment, I keep coming across the idea and point that race is a socially constructed concept. I completely agree with this point and my eyes have been opened to this concept. My true interest in this post, however, came towards the end. The author mentions that educated people have a duty to society to fight against discrimination. Many discuss how racism is present and how it is wrong but the discussion typically stops there. It is truly important that those who are accurately informed and knowledgable about the realities of discrimination and race step up within their communities. To make a difference in a society of individuals, people need to put the effort in.

I completely agree. In many situations, racism is a taboo subject and is avoided as much as possible. Educated people need to break the comfort and break barriers to be able to inform the uneducated. Your point is absolutely right!

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