Fall 2016 - Collaborative problem solving and the pain and join of a virtual team

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Fall 2016 - Collaborative problem solving and the pain and join of a virtual team

Hi all -

I'm looking for partners for a couple of courses in the fall. I know the planning of assignments needs to start early to build them into the curriculum. I believe I will have a course on technical and information literacy. International discussions and problem solving would add a great dimension the the course. Another course is Project Management. It would be great to plan a project, perhaps setting up a virtual panel discussion across the seas. This would be coordinated by the students. Any interest out there?



I'm planning to use NewsActivist with my SOC 100 class at the University of Rhode Island this fall. IT will have 54 students and I imagine students will be writing 3 brief blogs posts on social issues of interest to them. They will start with a critical response to a newsmagazine article and then write two critical responses to social science research articles. I think this might be a good fit with the information literacy element of your course. Part of my course is also aimed at increasing their recognition and critical thinking about cultural difference. I would love to have them selecting a few NewsActivists to reply to about three times during the semester. Depending on the topics of your students' posts this might work for my course.

Let me know if you think this might be worth talking about in more detail.