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by rebstooke on May 7, 2016 - 8:53pm

All along the semester, I decided to concentrate my blog post and writing on a cause that is important to me, homelessness. I chose this subject because it perfectly shows how our society is build today. It demonstrate that the entire society is not build in a way that favorises a quest of solutions in this issue. Also, the well-being of every human on this planet is something that bothers me because everybody deserve the same quality.

Throughout my semester, I really managed to learn a lot more about the issue of homelessness. I learned that one of the main cause of homelessness is disability. This is very sad because some people might have enough qualities to get a job to sustain and to support their entire needs but because of their minor disability, it is impossible for them. A few weeks ago, I wrote an article titled ‘’Family homelessness’’ published on Mach 30th, 2016 and this article tells the story of a young couple composed of Blair Levesque and his partner Felisha Young who share a Scarborough basement apartment with their 6-week baby Nikolas. The couple had a quarrel with their landlord and, unfortunately, they started having the fear of being evicted from their property with nowhere to go. The sad side of the story is that they were struggling to find another home for their little family because both of the parents were suffering from minor disabilities. Blair Levesque, the father of the family argues that it is hard to convince a landlord to welcome them in a new property because of their family instability. They also said that the last thing they would do is not paying their rent because they do not want to risk the safety of their new baby. It is really hard and heartbreaking at the same time to see that even if some disable people are able to find somewhere to live a normal and secure life or even enter the labor market to have the opportunity to by enough food for their entire family, some others can’t because, nowadays, it is hard to recognize the numerous qualities of a disable person.

For my part, I contact many organizations to have the opportunity to do some volunteering to make a little difference in the life of homeless people. I decided to give some of my time at the Welcome Hall Mission because their main goal is to serve Montreal’s homeless and the most vulnerable since 1892. They have volunteering opportunities for people with all different levels of experience and education. Their organization is located at the 4755 Acorn Street, Montreal, Qc H4C 3L5 and the number to contact them, if you are interested in doing some volunteering, is (514) 523-5288 ext: 172. You can also contact them directly from their website, which is Welcome Hall Mission ( I went with a part of my soccer team to give 4 hours of our time. Directly when we arrived, they welcomed us with a big smile and a huge generosity. During the entire four days we were there, our task was to sort all kind of ‘’leftover’’ food (still good for health) from different grocery store to distribute it to all of the Montreal homeless people. The employers brought us a lot of big boxes full of meat and fish ‘’leftover’’ that we had to sort into different other boxes. It took us a long time to finish sorting all of the meat but at the end of the day, we were all happy because we realized that our small gesture has helped several homeless montrealers.

Unfortunately, we had no direct contact with the homeless people but, this day helped me to see the reality of life and of homeless people. I really appreciate my experience at the Welcome Hall Mission because I was feeling helpful. I also realized that even our small gesture can make a big difference to some people. We have to start to act together as a society because our small actions have huge positive impacts for homeless people.

Finally, I recommend everybody to face the reality of our modern society and go do some volunteering at the Welcome Hall Mission because homeless people really need our help!



Link to my article called ‘’Family homelessness’’:

link to the ‘’Welcome Hall Mission’’:

link to the article of Blair’s family:

Here is a link to a visual representation of all the possibilities of volunteering:




Your text is very well written as it perfectly represents the struggles of homeless people. It is interesting to see that one of the main causes of homelessness is disability, as I did not know that all and thought there were many other big causes. It is a good thing for you to help them through volunteer work as you directly make a difference and directly find a solution to the problem. As part of the idea of new power, you do not depend on the elite to do what you believe is the right thing and you directly help by the masses by your own voluntary will. That is remarkable, and I hope you continue doing that by getting more involved in volunteer work in this area as egalitarianism is a goal that has to be achieved

It’s great that you found a cause that was important to you and that you brought some friends with you to help. The feeling you get when you know that your actions were helpful is called satisfaction and it’s contagious. Even if you didn’t see it first hand, your volunteering really did make a difference in the lives of the homeless of Montréal. I hope that now you will want to feel that feeling again and hopefully your friends will too. If you want to increase your personal experience, you should try finding volunteer opportunities where you will be in direct contact with the homeless. If this does happen then you are surely going to realize how great of an impact your small gestures have. There is one minor problem though; you will probably become addicted to volunteering!