Syrians in danger, but egoist Americans

by Cynthia_pare on March 25, 2016 - 3:54pm

The article:”50% of Americans think Syrian refugees in Canada pose security threat: Ipsos poll” written by Andrew Russell on March 10th of this year ahead, published by the Global News really demonstrates different perspectives an American can have from another one. As the title clearly says, half of the United-States is scared of the 25,000 Syrian newcomers in Canada, their neighbour. Meanwhile, they only welcomed 955 Syrians refugees, which shows how less accommodating they are. Republicans think they should improve their security system in case of terrorist attacks caused by immigrants. They tag Syrians as dangerous human-beings, for no good reason. They have to stop generalizing. What the United States need is a leader that could uniformised their opinion by showing the benefits of welcoming overseas people. However, with the candidates on the list for the next election, such as Donald Trump the case can only get worse. If he is elected, the United States of America will have in hand a racist president. He will make his possible to ban any immigrant of the country. He even wants to put a wall between his country and Canada. That is how extremist he is. Lets all hope that in November, americans will have enough faith to vote for a decent representater that will show a minimum global openness. I think, it can increase the statistics on their openness. They need an influent individual that will be able to prove that immigrants can bring a lot to a community. Volunteering can also help the cause. They should found more organisations before Barack Obama`s contract ends that will improve the quality of life of any immigrants and that will fight for their survivability in the U.S.. If more organisations are founded, they will be more oppositions against the next president. Americans need to wake up and act!



I feel these that these arguments are correct to some extent, and if you were to add gender based arguments it would become more compelling. There are basically two terms that can be pulled out in terms of gender related issues with respect to the rejection of Syrian refugees. First of all, it could arguably be said that these Syrian refugees face oppression regarding race, status and sex. In other words, intersectionality, in which different types of oppression occur, is present in this case. These refugees are being discriminated not only for their race, but it could be said that “American” are still not fond of the Muslim which makes up 90% of the religions practiced in Syria. Also, class and sex could also come into play, as American’s still have not achieved true gender equality, therefore limiting Syrian men, but further restricting immigrant women. On a different note, Donald Trump’s remarks can only be described as the most hegemonic case of masculinity in a while. Trump embodies most of the traits that are present in the “Man Box”. He imposes male dominance by being an extremist. In your argument that he would want to build walls, shows how he doesn’t want anyone interfering with “HIS” country. Also in debates and presidential campaigns, Trump has gone so low as to personally insult his fellow candidates. In short Donald Trump’s hegemonic masculine traits could be the source of his supporters- many Americans think in the way that Trump does.

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