Music and poetry of a former war child - Discussion question

by EDion on April 1, 2016 - 7:25pm

Emma McCune went to great lengths in order to save many child soldiers from the rebel army. What do you think motivates someone to take on such a big responsibility?


I believe that the motivation to save these child soldiers comes from within. I believe that Ms.McCune went through great lengths in order to save these child soldiers from the rebel army because she felt as though they could have a better life that did not involve war and violence. It takes a special kind of person to do such a thing. Helping these children not only means you're giving them a better life but you're giving them an opportunity to be something big and something great. Furthermore, helping these children may give someone the sense of accomplishment, compassion, respect and essentially knowing that you're potentially saving someone's life is a reward in itself.

I think the motivation behind taking on such a big responsibility stems from wanting to make sure that these kids have a chance of living a better life that doesn't revolve around hatred, violence and war.

I think that people like Emma McCune, who save strangers' lives thousands of miles away from their home, are people who are more sensitive towards war children. They imagine how it would feel like if this war child would be a loved one and how they would do anything to save them from their misery. As Emmanuel sang in his video, there are more Emma's out there, but not everyone could afford to travel thousands of miles to physically demonstrate their emotions.

Motivation, for people like Emma Mccune, just come from who she is. She wanted these children to have a better life; a life that did not include war. McCune could not stand knowing these children would grow up in war. Her compassion is probably what motivated her the most. It also helped that she could travel to physically help.

I believe that some people have the need to make a difference in the world. Emma McCune was one of them. Her sensibility towards the child soldiers' situation was her motivation. She probably felt that she had to do something in order to give them a chance of a better life. They were born in a war environment and they were used to kill people. Saving some of them was her way of fighting this war.

Emma Mccune is brave, has a caring heart and is altruistic. It is obvious that helping people is her greatest pleasure in life. This is what motivated her to help an innocent helpless child; to free him from his years as a child soldier and eternal misery. Little by little, people like Mccune are trying to help as much as they can to end war in general, and she has done her part which is saving a life.

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