War & Business

by bduffus on February 8, 2016 - 9:09am


War is a profitable business but in the long run it hurts the people. In this article is compares to how we invaded Iran and but this happen shares fall and oil prices rise on fears of war. So is this really helping or hurting the country.


American believed that "death merchants" who are the arms manufacturers and others who profited from war. Used their money to influence the countries political and economic national policy, especially economic development and international relations.


While war does increase demand for certain products which may help the economy, it can also have major ramifications in economic terms as well as human life. War affects human living standards years after the conflict has concluded depending on the magnitude of the conflict. With war ensuing, it may curb the spending of the average consumer which has a direct effect on the economy for that nation. During the first Gulf War, the conflict had a major impact on the European union which led to the loss of jobs and a steep decline to nations like the United Kingdom.