Outline - Alcoholism and Heavy Drinking

by mcrete on February 1, 2016 - 9:40pm

Essay Outline

A.    Topic

The topic of the essay will be heavy drinking and alcoholism. The paper will focus on alcoholism in Canada in particular, where it affected over 5 million people in 2012. Many Canadians suffer from this social issue, some struggle over long periods of time. The essay analytical of alcoholism, since comparison will not be used. 

Understanding the causes of alcoholism and heavy drinking will be the first part of the essay. The second part of the essay will be concerning the damaging consequences of alcoholism among Canadians. Finally, the essay will analyze the possible solutions to this problem.

The paper will also determine which diseases, health problems and other complications are linked with heavy drinking. I chose this subject because it is a problem that many people around the world face and hurts the whole family. An addiction to alcohol in a family becomes the family’s main concern (Peter W. Choate, p.462). I also chose this topic because I would like to understand it better than I do now.


B.     Areas of Interest


-        Who is more vulnerable to heavy drinking and alcoholism? (Sociology)

-        Why do some people are addicted to alcohol? (Psychology)


C.     What groups of people

The text will focus on Canadians mainly for statistics and health consequences. However, the causes of alcoholism are usually universal.

I will concentrate on what pushes an individual towards alcoholism, as well as its consequences on society.

I will also focus on all age groups, males and females that are affected by alcoholism.


D.    Sources

Heavy drinking, by age group and sex (number of persons) (17th of May 2015). Retrieved from



Choate, Peter W. (2015). Adolescent alcoholism and drug addiction: the experience of parents. Behavioral Sciences, 5, 461-476. Retrieved from http://web.a.ebscohost.com.ezproxy.champlaincollege.qc.ca/ehost/pdfviewer/pdfviewer?sid=2610358a-06b8-464a-bddb-6864f4a71e1a%40sessionmgr4004&vid=10&hid=4101


Your topic is indeed a big issue in Canada, therefore it is a really good topic to look into. Your research on alcoholism can benefit many people by informing them of the negative effects of alcohol.
While doing your research on the causes of alcoholism, you should look into an individual's living conditions because there can be so many reasons why a person begin to drink. Is it because their parents are alcoholics? Are their friends alcoholics? Are they stressed over something and submit to alcoholism? Does their culture or religion have an effect?
As for the negative effects, you should look for scientific articles about how alcohol changes the brain and the body. And while looking for solutions, you should search for existing health services concerning alcoholism and identify the strategies that are done right and those that are done wrong.
I noticed in your text, you forgot to cite where you retrieved the information about the 5 million people that are affected by alcoholism. I think you got that from statistics Canada, so be careful next time or you will be plagiarizing.
And for your first source, you didn't write the author (Statistics Canada). The date should be writen after the author (2015, May 17). And the the title of the document should be in italics.
I hope I was able to help you with your paper.
Good luck!

Hi Martin,

I think you have picked a very interesting topic which is definitively an important issue in our country and around the world. I would try to outline maybe some of the differences between Canadian alcoholism and worldwide alcoholism in order to better point out how this problem specifically affects Canadians. Other than that you seem to be quite on your way. Keep up the good work!

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