Organized Crime in Quebec

by CRouillier on February 2, 2016 - 9:07am


The topic of this paper is organized crime in Quebec. This paper will look at organized crime in the province of Quebec while identifying certain groups such as the Hells Angels or the Italian Mafia. In addition, the social issue will be analyzed through using different theories and encountering the causes, the debates on the topic, the effects of organized crime in this geographical location, and lastly, some solutions.

Organized crime in Quebec is a social issue because many people in the province are affected by organized crime. These groups include; individuals, governments, businesses, and other criminal organizations. Thus, it affects society as a whole from different aspects but also from different disciplines such as economics and sociology.

The Hells Angels are a popular motorcycle club around North America. However, they are part of the rare one percent whom belongs to the outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMGs). The Hells Angels are specifically a popular organized crime group in the province of Quebec. The Hells Angels in Quebec were responsible for billions of dollars in sales of hashish and cocaine at their prime periods (Sanderson, 2014). Thus, the OMG had a drastic affect on society and different societal groups, and therefore can be identified as a social issue. Organized crime groups specifically have the time and perform more specific crime such as fraud or money laundering, thus they have time to think things through and perform calculations before committing the crimes (Van Koppen, 2013). As a result, the crimes become more sophisticated and a better solution needs to be thought out.


-What are the major repercussions of organized crime in Quebec? (Sociology)

-How have the Hells Angels or the Mafia had an effect on the Quebec economy and society? (Economics/Sociology)



            The people involved in organized crime in Quebec can include individuals in terms of drug use and abuse and other crimes in relation. In addition, governments may lose a supply in money for example in the tobacco black market. Moreover, if a certain product is too expensive a black market will be created and the business can lose profits. And lastly, other criminal organizations may lose manpower because of rivalry or may also lose income for the same reason.





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I really like the topic that you've presented and the geographical location you chose, we usually do not think of Quebec when we think of organized crime. You seem to look a it in a general yet it covers the basics and a bit more. It is also great that your sources are recent. You might want to look at what government has already put into place to cope with this issue in order to find more solutions. Overall, your topic is interesting and peaks our curiousity.

This is a very interesting topic, I actually thought about writing this but I decided on something else. Your outline is very well written and the examples help with understanding. You can also write about what other countries do to combat organized crime and how Canada/Quebec can implement certain policies or laws to replicate what other countries have done. You can also write about how certain organized crime groups in Quebec fight each other (if they do that at all) and whether or not this causes collateral damage on civilians. Overall, this topic is very interesting and there is a lot of different aspects that you can look at. Your outline shows that you have a good understanding of the topic and you are well-prepared for it.

The topic is really interesting and there is surely a host of information that can be found on this specific subject. Furthermore, you cover pretty much all the bases regarding how you wish to analyze this social issue. However, it may also be interesting to look at what the government attempts in order to reduce the impact these gangs have, such as further police patrols, harder drug enforcement, etc.

Great choice of topic, apart from the economic and social issues, it would be really interesting a view on the political influence these groups may have and also the problem of bankers or people related to the banking system in helping these groups in all the money laundering operations. Also, what are the current and possible law enforcement measures against these groups would be a nice addition.

Can't wait to see this paper finished.

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