Seeking collab partners for global issues, modern history, cultural values class

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Seeking collab partners for global issues, modern history, cultural values class


Vermont Common School
United States

I have 18 students who will be exploring global history since 1945 and current global issues, with a focus on evaluating the role of the United States and the cultural values that shape US foreign relations.  Students will write 300-500 word opinion pieces every couple of weeks.  A core goal of mine, as the teacher, is to constantly expose my students to varying cultural perspectives on every issue, so a NewsActivist collaboration would be a dream!  Please contact me if you have any interest.

English literature and research

Hi mark,

I would definitely be interested. Could we talk via telephone?
Gina Lavine

Call soon re NewsActivist

Hi Gina - I'll try to give you a call ASAP. So glad you're interested!

Recent European Immigration Problems

Hi Mark;
My Japanese students have been working diligently on writing papers about the Immigrants. Their perspectives are unique coming from Japan and its history of closed doors. There are only ten students in the class and they will upload in tomorrow's class (Thursday, November 12th). Would you have your students comment on their postings please. If you have covered this topic we would be happy to comment on your postings.
Thank you so very much,

Recent European Immigration Problems

Hi Tina,
I will definitely ask my students to comment on what your students post. And I'll ask them to post their own work as well. We are deep into a unit on the Vietnam War right now, so we may be squeezing to fit it in, but we'll do what we can!

Current Issues - US and World

My students have been blogging about immigration and will move into foreign policy next week. I would love to have them jump in here, either by reposting their blog posts or creating something new in conversation with another class - maybe a common topic or prompt.

Current Issues - US & World

My students just finished writing their own State of the Union addresses. They could post those if that is something your students would be interested in reading, responding to, and maybe writing something similar? Our Unit right now is the Civil Rights Movement - not sure yet exactly what their next paper topic will be.

Current Issues - US & World

That would be cool. I really like that idea. I would love to have my students comment on them. The way my course is set up, they would need to write it in chunks, with a foreign policy section and then an economics and social class section. We could start off with immigration. If they saw the format your students used, it might inspire them. We are wrapping up immigration research and presentations, but we could take the time to comment next week. How many students do you have?


Excellent. Why don't you join our Modern US History in a Global Context class in collaboration and I'll have my students post their State of the Union Papers today?

Thanks! Mark

email communication

Oh, and msmith - my email is Might be an easier way for us to coordinate.