Cairo fire attack

by Smelka on December 10, 2015 - 12:20pm

            This morning, December 4, 2015 at 6:18AM EST, there was an attack in Cairo, Egypt that killed 16 people. The attackers were potential customers who then had an argument at the door, which quickly turned into a fistfight. The attackers threw Molotov cocktails at the door of the nightclub. Since the nightclub was in the basement of a restaurant, there was only one entrance/exit, which was covered in blazing flames. 11 men and 5 women were killed either by burns or smoke inhalations. There were 6 people suspected to be injured. One of the perpetrators was identified as a former employee of the nightclub who got fired. What I find most interesting about this story is the fact that it’s barely in the news anywhere. There’s so little information about it, which shows that attacks are only important if they happen in developed countries because developing or undeveloped countries aren’t important enough. I find this ridiculous and we should treat terrorist attacks anywhere in the world with the same respect. I also think that all places should have more security/safety measures. The nightclub that was attacked only had one entrance/exit, which is not right, because every building should always have a fire escape, which in this case would have saved 16 lives.


Wow Shane what a terrible incident. I particularly like what you said at the end there how the world only seems to care if these attacks happen in developed countries. The fact that the world doesn’t show any care to the developing or non-developed countries shows utter disgust and disregard to the rest of the world. When you said that you believe there should be more security again I have to agree with you. If more security was implemented at these nightclubs we could have prevented these people from ever attacking the nightclub and we could have prevented all the deaths. I really liked your input and I’m looking forward to reading your future articles.

Thank You for this article! I agree this is an awful event that happened because no one should result in such ways because of a meaningless argument. Situations like these need to be handled properly.
In order for someone to result in such a horrible way for people to die from, the perpetrator could've possible had pyromania, a form that fails to resist the urge to setting fires. The perpetrator probably got a feeling of tension or arousal before setting the fire and a sense of gratification or relief while the fire burnt. In he/ she's family history it is possible that their is a history of comorbid impulse disorders, and it is possible that the perpetrator has a history of setting fires.
As a way of treating himself is through cognitive-behvayiral therapy involving finding the triggers and signals that initiate the urges and following coping strategies to avoid the temptations.

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