Blog Post Number 3

by JennaPolutanovich on December 2, 2015 - 11:49pm

As discussed in class both society and law work hand in hand together to shape the world that we live in. Law is the structure toward the society and without society there would be no point of having this structure and law. As well on the other hand, if there was no law than the society would not function the way that it should. Law controls the way we act in our society as well. Not only us following the laws however, us following the norms that the society hold on us. Referring to a norm as something like following the law. It is known that everyone must obey the law. Society has taught us and raised us to be aware that we must follow the law, or there may be consequences. 


So, we are asked the question “What is the benefit to studying law as a social science?”. The answer that I came up with is that we all belong to the society. We also all need to be aware of the social aspects of the law. For example the topic of inequality. When in a class like CESD and focusing on the communities, you see the focus at times can be on inequality and how the people of the community are treated unequally. In this case in a law point of view inequality can be seen similarly by the people who are equal to the law which in one of our classes we discussed in detail. An example of inequality to the law could be seen through gender inequality. When either male or female dominance occurs. 



We should approach the studies as law from an academic field, in many different ways. I think however, that the citizen itself is a strong member that would be unable to cope without having a structure /law around them. I believe that no one in the society would really know what to do with themselves, if there were no law in the society. It would feel weird and un known. Therefore if the citizen was to approach this than it would benefit not only them however the society as well. They could take action in what they believe and follow the laws that are made, as well as following the social norms.


I liked how you tied society and law together and used the example of Gender equality, showing that we need laws to balance society . well written