Owner of Miami Dolphins Takes a Stand Against Racism

by laplantevin on October 18, 2015 - 2:02pm

            The article: “Owner of Miami Dolphins Stephen Ross creates non-profit, RISE to fight bullying and racism” was written by Rebecca Lee and was published October 16th, 2015. The author discusses racist events which occurred in the history of the team and the efforts made by the current owner to make sure this sort of conduct is never seen in sports again. In 2013, the Miami Dolphins were implicated in a scandal when one of their players quit mid-season. Jonathan Martin claimed he had received several racist comment from one of his teammates; Richie Icognito. The attacks became so severe that Martin resolved to quit his million dollar job. After a long investigation carried out by the NFL, Icognito was suspended for 3 months without salary.

            It is in the past year that Stephan Ross owner of the Dolphins created his non-profit organisation. The organisation called “The Ross Initiative for Sports for Equality” aims at advancing race relations through organised sports. Ross teamed up with several sports leagues and professional athletes to raise awareness in schools all around the United States. In a recent interview, Ross claimed that sports should be a place of racial equality. Your skin color does not affect how good of a player you are. This claim can easily be related to that made by Audrey Smedley in the article “Race and the Construction of Human Identity”. Smedley states that “Race is a cultural invention, that it bears no intrinsic relationship to actual human physical variations”. Speed, strength, and awareness are all very dangerous weapons in every sport. Only hard work and dedication, can help a player develop these traits. It most certainly has nothing to do with “race”.


            I believe Stephen Ross is doing very good work for the sports community. I also think it is a very good way for him to respond the scandal his team was involved in. It shows that he recognizes the fact that racism is a problem in sports and that he wants to take a stand against it. In addition, it will maybe insight other sports team to also rise up and fight racial inequality. I believe racism will always be present but by raising awareness it can certainly be decreased. It is very important that incidents like the one implicating Jonathan Martin and Richie Icognito be denounced and in my opinion, punished more severely. Professional athletes such as Richie Icognito are role models for children and young athletes. Behaviour like his does not have its place in sports or life in general, especially when you are a public figure.


Lee, R. (2015, October 16). Owner of Miami Dolphins Stephen Ross creates non-profit, RISE to fight bullying and racism. Retrieved October 18, 2015, from http://www.cbsnews.com/news/owner-of-miami-dolphins-stephen-ross-creates...


First of all, I am writing here because the sports industry is something that interests me very much. I also agree with the idea that the coach is doing very good work with the sports community, and it is important that this is recognized. Racism does sadly occur even within sports, and it is something that should not have its place at all. Although this occurred in the past, it is never too late to take a stand. One person can indeed make a difference and have a voice that may inspire others. Furthermore, as seen in class, it can also have an impact on children. Children tend to watch sports at a very young age with their families, for example, and the media tends to be very influential on children. Although children are not seen as being colourblind according to Erin Winkler, they interpret what they see they way they see it. Therefore, it is also important to realize how beneficial this action is for children, since it can also help show them how important it is to stand up for themselves in live and to be heard rather than to fade into the silence. To conclude, this article was very powerful, and this man is very inspirational, and he will be hopefully one of many to fight for change.

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