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by lscanga on December 4, 2015 - 10:14pm

At first I had a tough time answering this question, although like we discussed in class, some laws may not necessarily change society as a whole immediately, but it indeed does have an effect on how people view the world. 

 Law shapes the way that we go about our daily lives. It is important to study law as a social science in order to know what Canadian laws are, as well as how these laws can affect your life. Some laws will personally affect your life. From historical events such as when the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was put into effect to just everyday lives and how the law is used to shape people’s everyday lives. A lot of law when it comes to it being a social science, also focuses more on the how and why does someone does certain things, or does not do certain things.

While social sciences have to do with theories and different points of views on things, law as a social science is important because you learn about where something came from, as well as why. An example of a law that will personally effect Canadians is how crime is punished.

When a person commits a crime they are fairly certain of how they will be punished. It is important to know how a crime will be punished because it acts as a deterrent from committing the crime.

It is also important to understand the different roles that the legal system plays in society. Without the legal system that is currently established, society would not have the stability and structure that it currently has. Although we may not agree with the law we are bound to it.  Keeping society, a safe place and individuals living free of living in fear, we as members of society are in agreement to keep the peace.  Students need to have a clear understanding of how law can bring about social change, but not expect that change is easily made. 

 In my opinion we should approach the study of law as an academic field by breaking it down, one should look at law in a real life context rather than how it effects society and one’s views on it because everyone will have a different view on the “law”.



This is a good blog, I think it would be beneficial if you did talk about the theories and points of views rather than just mention the fact that there are many different. Maybe as well go on with more of your point of view at the end. However all in all a very good blog post!

I find your comment about how to it is important to understand the different roles that the law plays in the legal system. Also, I like how you think that studying law should be broken down. Although, I do agree with Jenna when she says you should talk about theories and more views. This is a good post though!

I like how you added about students should understand law and change but need to k ow it wont happen easily. Good blog

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