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by Malahdal on December 2, 2015 - 11:36pm

               Laws are a system of rules that a country or society identifies as variable of actions of its members, and may enforce it by Different level of government, which have the ability to impose punishment to provide security and protection for society. Whereas social science is the study of human society, and relationships. Connecting these two terms to get a better vision that the government provides laws and protection to defend people from risking them self, or causing damages to others, which Improves human stander of living. Laws measure the society and structure a culture in selected community. Although every changes occurs in the law happen to effect in every society, some societies are based on believes, such as religions. For example, in Saudi Arabia laws are created paced on the Islamic religion, and every citizen live in that country should follow these laws, relating our subject to this example the laws in Saudi Arabia creates a Muslim society in that country. When it comes to study a certain society we have to discover the laws applied in that society to get a better understanding and know how to interact with that society. Most of the laws are shaped of people believes of acknowledging the right and wrong things to do. Furthermore, every government create their own society by establishing a rules to create a lawful community that implies people to do the right thing and be protected from unlawful activities.  Punishment is a reaction that government apply when an individual break a certain law, which clearly been an effective way to prevent unlawful activities. For instance, if a person intentionally killed another person, in some communities the punishment might contain the person who killed to face life imprisonment, or in some different community the law impose execution. One of reasons behind punishment is to teach a society how to be fair in judging each other, and everyone being treated the same. On the other, laws would not exist without a society. Laws and society are two terms that should come along together, but laws have difference in every place around the world, and that differences created by the different society around the world because these societies shaped the form of law. In conclusion, law and social science come along, so if the laws are being placed in certain society that would introduces the important elements to live within that society, also these laws provide an individual right to not be validated by others, which sends a clear massage that laws gives safety and protection to society, but in order to get this safety and protection every individual in that society have to obey the law.



Thank you Mohammed for this post.
I agree that each person treats equally the same in the country as you said because as I have read two years ago about the president of Toronto when he got caught smoking crack. The government treated him as any person in the country used that kind of drugs, and the government did not say that because he had a power in the country we should not catch him, so what we see is treating people in the same way make the government stronger and show the people that no one is above the law that sets by the government. Also, that gives the people in the country the right and has the confidence to complain about any person doing wrong things, and the government will do the right decision to treat the people who are breaking the law even if they are working with the government.

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