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by Malahdal on October 30, 2015 - 9:42pm



Why do we obey the law?

           Every citizen of a country must obey the law in order to live within that country; either an individual is a citizen or a permitted citizen. Law is not a flexible rule that can be changed as individual wish. An example of that, in Saudi Arabia Alcohol is prohibited and there is a penalty for it, but in Canada Alcohol is legal, so everyone lives in Saudi Arabia weather a Saudi citizen or not he or she should obey this law. Bimeekumaugaewin is a term explaining manner in which human should respect the nature, because nature provides human with the resources that they can live upon. By relating this term to obeying the law, the law gives us our legal rights, which considered as primary human needs, such as life, library, and security. If individuals want to ensure these needs been obtained, they should follow the law. Another point to look at, many people fear the punishment or sanction resulting from wrong actions to the law perspective, in this case an individual breaks a certain law he or she might face punishment because it effects them in few ways, such as, income losses, losing job. For instance, driving over the speed limits get an individual to pay a fine and increasing in auto insurance, which considered as income losses, another point is when an individual committed a criminal offence, and been punished for it, this offence effects this individual recorded and make it hard for them to find a job and in some situation they might lose his or her job. Businesses tend to act in good faith from law perspective because businesses try hardly to build outstanding reputation to be trustworthy, but if a business does not obey a law that might cause damages to the business reputation among competitors, and it could cost the business a portion to pay for that. Equality and equity two terms that come along together involving that gender, color, reign, and religion, everyone should be treated the same, and be able to practice all the rights provided in the legal system. In conclusion, people want to live their life without being faced to any danger, have their library, and being secure, all of these objectives accomplished if an individual obey the law. Every country in the world have a laws that are a primarily placed and agreed by every citizen permitted to live in that country. Obeying the laws prevent people of interfering in any action that cause punishments, or any wrong activities that put individual in unsecure position. Laws maintain a country’s identity, and introduce a country’s ideology, and citizens obey these laws. Laws are made to protect human rights, so we follow the laws to get this protection   




I agree with Mohammed and his great example for drinking Alcohol because as a Saudi and I have studied the Sharia Law which is our country follows. Sharia Law says that each citizen in Saudi Arabia ( even Saudi or not, or Muslim or not ) must not drink alcohol in the country because it is prohibited in the country and it treats as a drug. Unlike in Canada, Alcohol is legal in Ontario, but you should follow some rules to drink or buy alcohol. First, your age should be nineteen years old or above. For example, if you got caught in Canada and you are under the legal age of drinking alcohol, you will be in a problem. Second, you are not able to drink alcohol while driving a vehicle because your brain does not have the full attention to control the vehicle even if you feel comfortable. For example, you went to the bar and you have finished 3 bottles of beer then you have decided to leave the bar and go back to your place ( even if you are not feeling drunk) if you got caught from the police your driver license will be substantial automatically because you have a percentage of alcohol in you blood more that five percent as a Full G driver. On the other hand, the government sets some laws for those placese where they are selling alcohol on it. First, in Ontraio there are only 3 places you can buy Alcohol from it ( as a bottle ) The LCBO, The Beer Store, The Wine Store. Those three places are selling Alcohol under some rules. One of them is the person who is buying Alcohol shouldn't be drunk while buying it from the store. Also, the sotre can not sell alcohol after 10 p.m as a maximum.

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