Blog Post #1

by elakallonen on October 1, 2015 - 11:20pm

Pamela Kallonen

Marisha Caswell


Oct 2nd, 2015

Blog Post #1

Law can be seen throughout our daily lives in many forms, traffic laws, the voices on the radio, the freshness in the air, and even in the water we drink. The government set out laws and requirements for the services we use daily, and for the service and duties citizens are expected to carry out. There are traffic laws that govern the way people drive;how fast, slow, where to drive and in which direction and so forth. The government creates the laws, Federal Communications Commission, that insures listeners have an organized radio broadcast on our drive to work or school. The good air quality we breath in, is all thanks to government laws that insure good quality breathing air. When you go to make your morning coffee, the thought of the quality of water normally doesn’t come up in people's minds. This is because there are laws enforcing a city to have a constant watch on the city's water quality. These all being examples of law, that people encounter on a regular basis.

Law structures my life by insuring the protection of my own private property, the quality of my food and water for my health, and insures I have an education. The law also structures the way I act in my daily life. It gives me guide lines to follow to have a “good life”, with the rest of law abiding society. If I follow the traffic laws, I will insure the safety of myself, other drivers and pedestrian on the street. If I do not follow these laws, I can be pulled over by a police officer and be charged. Laws also enforce punishment, this helps insure people do not break the law, but also helps them not to break it again. Structuring myself and everyone else under the same law, insuring we are living in an organized and safe society.

A specific encounter with the legal system or law, that plays a significant role in my life would be the protection that is placed by the government, to insure my rights as an Canadian citizen. When I am at my work place, I am protected by Occupation Safety and Heath Act that insures I am safe from unhealthy or unsafe working conditions. If I have any concerns, health problems, or injuries from my place of employment, I can connect the authorities to insure that it doesn't happen again and my employer is punished accordingly, as an example.

The law can be seen as a visible and invisible presence in daily life. As seen in the example used in the first paragraph, laws insure it's citizens have good quality drinking water and air. This is an example of law put into action, the average citizen does not see everyday. The quality of the food we purchase in our grocery stores, all have meet the government’s standards for the quality of food served in Canada. And even the gas we use to fill our cars; without laws from the government that insure that oil companies can sell their gas to Canadians, we wouldn't have gas for sale. Law can also be visible in our daily lives, when we are driving and see another driver pulled over by a police officer, we know they were not following the traffic laws. Or when we are drinking with friends at a bar, we do not see anyone under the age of 19 in the bar. This is due to Federal laws that only allows adult above the age of 19 ( depending on what territory or province ) can enter and drink in a bar. These are both examples of visible law in daily life, we can see traffic law forced by the police and the drinking age law that is enforced when you are ID in the bar.  



I really like your initial point about how the law even affects the freshness of the air we breathe; I don’t always immediately think of environmental laws and regulations when I think of laws that affect me. Usually I think of traffic laws and copyright laws instead. I think it is really important to emphasize the part we play as individuals within society and how it affects others, like the example you gave about following the law and the safety of yourself and others. It is important to acknowledge the part we as individuals play in society, how we can contribute to the law, and the responsibility we have to uphold laws in order to keep others safe. Also, you pointed out that much of the law we follow (or at least the impact it has) is invisible, which is definitely true. I never would have thought of having clean water to make my coffee or breathing fresh air to be directly related to the law. Perhaps I just take it for granted, which is even more reason to study the law and understand how it is connected to everyday life. Very interesting points!

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