The bible never saw modern medicine

by powercock1000 on November 20, 2015 - 8:14pm

Assisted dying is an ethical dilemma that is very often brought up yet never solved. When it comes to the life and death of a human being, it is hard to adapt your opinion. It is natural to have strong opinions in such absolutes since the outcome is the life of a person. The problem in this debate is that the vast majority of the party that is against euthanasia is religious.


  This makes it close to impossible to change their opinion since their values are embedded in a culture that has been standing for millenaries. It is impossible to twist the values of a view so rigidly passed upon time. Many health institutions are owned by the Church and that is why they have so much power over this subject. In their defense they use the concept of freedom of religion in order to deny euthanasia (Morris).


   There are many reasons the catholic Church will not allow euthanasia. First of all, it breaks one of the ten commandments: «You shall not kill». The ten commandments is not the kind of rule with which you make exceptions.  Another reason is that life would be a gift from god. Therefore, only he should have the right to take it back (BBC).


  I respect this vision from christianity. These values, in most situations, would apply in a most positive way. But we currently live in the 21st century. There are medical situations that are outstandingly complex and can leave some in most pitiful states. I believe to apply values created in the world two thousand year ago to situations who have came up not so long ago is a total lack of logic.


  Medicine has come a long way. We are able to keep more and more patients alive and cure more violent diseases. But in our ability to keep a human being alive, we cannot always promise him a life of viable quality. There is a thin margin present where we succeed  in some way but fail miserably in another. Those are the cases where euthanasia is essential. 100 years ago, these patients would not have survived and therefore the problem was not present.


   I believe it is highly inappropriate to mix medicine and religion. I see it as unhealthy as mixing religion and politics. Religion in our modern society has its place as a spiritual source for some. We do not live in medieval times anymore and I believe that is the only place where religion has had an appropriate place. For the true advancement of mankind, where medicine is a crucial aspect, I believe separation of health and church is crucial. Humanity cannot go forward if it is slowed by the views of the past.


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Obviously the choice of dying by euthanasia should be given to the patient and no one else. However if that person was in a coma and there was a tiny little chance that they would survive again, I think we wouldn't have the right to press game over on his life. But I totally agree with the fact that Church should not be mixed with medicine, because we have evolved enough to be able to separate those two aspects of our life.