tom ford advertisement

by jbnews on September 21, 2015 - 8:55pm

The advertisement that I will be breaking down is a cologne advertisement by Tom Ford.

In the advertisement there are 3 photos of a women nude. In each of these photos, the women has

her sexual organ blocked by a bottle of cologne .What the advertisement is giving us is a highly sexual

message. This message is giving to us by placing the product in front of her body parts. The reason the

product is placed in that area of her body is to attract the attention of men who are looking for a

cologne. This advertisement is highly sexual to compete against the competition. The purpose of

cologne is to attract women and activate sexual feelings in their mind. If a male client sees this ad, he

will assume that he will attract the opposite sex with this cologne. The advertisement is trying to tell

you as a male that you will see a female private parts if you use this product.

                This advertisement is very smart but at the same time problematic. The reason this

advertisement is problematic is due to the hyper sexualised depictions of women. The risk that

Tom Ford had taken when creating this advertisement is that it might offend women. It is attractive to

men, but it can be found disrespectful towards women. There are a lot of advertisements that use the

female in sexual ways, but this advertisement is aimed more towards sex. This advertisement is

considered to be more pornographic. Another reason that this advertisement is problematic is due to

the fact that because it is highly sexual, it is limited to where it can be placed  and who can view to

avoid conflict. Because the ad has location limitations, the company can lose clients to companies

who are able to advertise their product without worrying about the ads being disrespectful, allowing

them to be in more places.

                This advertisement is well done but can be fixed.  In two of the three photos the cologne bottle

is blocking her vagina  and in the remaining photo it is in between her breasts. The location of the

bottles  are very clever but can be relocated and at the same time be as or just about  attractive as the

original.  Instead of placing the bottle at her vagina ,it can be placed at her mouth and instead of in

between her breast  it can be placed in her hands .This advertisement  can also be fixed by cutting off

some of the photo. By reducing the visibility of the body in the photo it will be less revealing  to the

clients causing less controversy. Because the photo is reduced is cut off,   you must focus more to see

what it is behind the bottle. Having to do so to view and understand the ad clearly, it can be placed

more locations without worries. This advertisement can also be touched up by adding lingerie on the

body. Instead of her being completely naked, maybe a bra and panties. This modification will not highly

effect the message delivered to us in the ad because it is still as revealing and at the same time less


                In this advertisement, there are messages delivered to both genders. The male and the female

may not perceive the message the same way due to gender rules. The message that this ad is trying to

get across to us male viewers is “Buy this cologne and get laid”. If the female were to see this ad, she

will see it as “smell this cologne and get horny”. Women are more the type to complain, meaning that

 when they see this ad they will complain due to the way the advertisement is causing her to not agree

with the message. We should be concerned about messages that are used for ads like this, so that we

understand them more and we avoid conflict between genres and so that there won’t be any problems

At all.

                After watching Miss representation , there was a strong link to my advertisement. In the

documentary ,they mention that highly sexual ads had begun in the 1990’s. At the time, they had

figured that by making the women’s body more revealing ,they will attract more audience. This relates

to the ad because it helps explains how this ad was thought of and why it is highly sexual.




This comment is to add to your conclusion that the advertisement is hypersexualising women and is making negative impacts on women in society. To add to this article, I would like to ask if there are any colored women I these adds? If not this means there is an even bigger negative impact on society in general it isn't only regressing women in society but also it becomes in some sort racist. As we saw in class women of color have a bigger task in trying to get accepted in big fashion companies. This is all because of the beauty standards set y the companies and by the population. What we like to see and we don't like to see. As said in one documentary watched in class Fashion companies like having lets say Black women in their company but they need to be a white women dipped in Chocolate. This means that they want a black colored skin women but with white women traits such as thin nose blablabla... These two problems must be fixed by society with drastic measures. We need to start changing our ways of thinking and try to help out women in the fashion industry by saying you don't need to always be half naked to be attractive and you don't need to to be white to be a successful model. Many beauty standards are set such as being very petite but we are seing that fashion companies are trying to move onto something new because the population is starting to see their own beauty, the beauty in the natural body of a women.