Discussion groups on current affairs and interesting articles

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Discussion groups on current affairs and interesting articles


College Laflèche

I am looking to colloborate with colleges and universities anywhere. My students will be posting about 3-4 articles on current events and research based on their field of studies (history, social scieces, pure and applied sciences, environmental studies, education, law, globalisation, etc.) I will have approximately 25 students.

These students are in my Literature and culture class. They are  very strong (advanced ESL students) who excell in English. They will be posting articles up on the forum. They must post a controversial discussion question which needs to be answered by a colloborating class.

The school term is from mid-August -mid-December, 2014.

Any bites?


Thank you,


Gina Lavine

Recent European Immigration Issues

Hi Gina;
My Japanese students have been working diligently on writing papers about the Immigrants. Their perspectives are unique coming from Japan and its history of closed doors. There are only ten students in the class and they will upload in tomorrow's class (Thursday, November 12th). Would you have your students comment on their postings please. If you have covered this topic we would be happy to comment on your postings.
Thank you so very much,