Exposing Canada’s ugly mental-health secret

by Domenic0404 on November 4, 2015 - 11:59pm

The article i chose to write about is called "Exposing Canada’s ugly mental-health secret" and was published in 2013. The article present Canada's health system, specifically the mental health system. Troublingly, the system is so over-burderned that whenever someone seeks mental health treatment, the wait before actually receiving any sort of care is months longs. The only alternative being to go in the private sector which can be very costly for most Canadians and when it comes to mental health, people tend to choose to go without care. Next, the article present Micheal Kirby, a senator, who has been pushing to get the gouvernement to invest large sums of money aimed at the 1.2 million chieldren who are affected from mental illness. The idea being that if you nip the problem in the bud, these children will grow up withouth other mental health concerns hence avoiding "a lifetime of problems and costs". His spefic plan is to get gouvernement to pay for 8 therapy sessions, around 1000$ per child in need. Kirby also founded Partners for Mental Health which is a group that lobbies for the gouvernement to invest more into the mental health system. 


In my opinion, this article demonstrates a good but, extensively flawed health care system in which people do no receive the care they need when they need it. The current system is not effective at all in dealing with the obvious need for mental health treatment. Mental health issues are most often not as pressing as a physical sickness however, sometimes a mental illness CAN be threatening enough to warrant immediate intervention. Sadly, the weak system makes people wait for months before treatment which in some cases is just too late. For instance, the emergency room in most hospitals won't have you wait longer than a day no matter the illness, why then do we make mentally ill people wait for months before being able to see a professional. To finish, what's available right is adequate although, the wait is simply too hindering. The ideal situation would one where a person can ask to see a professional and then be seen with a few days or if the situation demands it, the person should be seen immediately.

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