White teacher with black boyfriend leads to no job

by f.viau on September 9, 2015 - 2:22pm


White teacher with black boyfriend leads to no job

In the article “Ex Florida teacher allegedly fired after administrators found out her boyfriend is black” by Alley Wilson, it talks about how Audrey Dudek was let go after other staff members found out she was dating a black male at the time. She was apparently let go due to budget cuts in the school administration but this ironically happened right after some co-workers started to discriminate her and re-name her classroom after the name “club Audrey” due to her interest in black music. She then filed a lawsuit and is suing the school and its directors for racism in this case only because she was dating him at the time. She is now married to him and the case is still under processing and going in court soon. The school said they would not comment furthermore on Dudeks’ allegations since the case is pending litigation. Dudek believes she has a good chance of winning due to the fact that the Florida commission on human rights is on her side blaming the school for firing her because of who she was in a relationship with.

I believe that this case is not a very good example to represent the racism in the whole country or in the world because it is only a small amount of people that took part in this firing of Ms.Dudek. If we compare it to the article read in class that races are only made to categorize people “Race without Color” by Jared Diamond. This article links this one in the fact that only because her boyfriend was black she was discriminated on and treated in ways that nobody should be treated. The co-workers and the people in charge in my opinion classified her boyfriend as a minority only because he is black and not of a superior race like everyone at the school. The schools defense of terminating her job because of budget cuts may be true but in the case that nobody else was fired, it is very probable that it was only because of her interest in someone seen as a minority. It is a hard subject to argue on because racism still exists but is usually hidden and not seen that much in the media and even less in the education system where these individuals are supposed to stop kids from becoming bullies and racist people.

To conclude, I believe that the school in Florida should be punished for the decision to fire her only because in their opinion she shouldn’t be dating black males or females. This is a case of high racism in a place where children should be shown the complete opposite. The case is still in pending and Ms.Dudeks’ lawyer should be confident that any judge with a moral sense will punish the people responsible in this case.


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The title of this post really caught my attention. I saw "White teacher with black boyfriend leads to no job" and felt obligated to read the rest of the post in order to find out what happened. I was completely captivated by the title and couldn't believe that they fired a teacher because of who she's dating. After reading this post, I was completely shocked. I don't understand what Ms.Dudek having a black boyfriend has to do with anything; it doesn't change what kind of teacher she is. Who she spends her time with when she's not in school is nobody's business but her own. I agree with you on about how letting her go due to budget cuts is probably just an excuse; everything's too much of a coincidence. I also agree that there shouldn't be examples of racism like this right in front of the children. Children tend to pick up behaviors from the people that are around them. By the administration firing her because she has a black boyfriend, they're showing the children that discriminating people on the color of their skin is okay. To conclude, I believe that this school's administration should spend more time focusing on their children than trying to figure out who their teachers are in a relationship with. They need to realize that personal aspects like this are only for the teachers to know. It doesn't change how good of a teacher they are, therefore the school administration shouldn't be concerned.

I chose this article because the title of this article “White teacher with black boyfriend leads to no job” got me curious to know more about this racially discriminated post. You have made an strong argument about how Audrey was treated differently compared to others in the work place only because she was interested in black men. To begin with, I complete agree with your arguments that school administration should not discriminate anyone based on their skin colour and does not have the authority to interfere in her personal life. I also agree with the fact that it was an excuse of running low in budget, which was the reason for her termination. Furthermore, people should be treated just and fairly but this case was different. School fired her only because she was dating a black man, which is unethical, illegal and obviously very discriminating. Finally, the last argument you made is very strong as I believe too that this kind of racial discrimination should not be performed in front of high school students. School has the responsibility to teach the kids about eliminating discrimination and accepting people the way they are but by firing Audrey Dudek because of her relationship with a black man school administration has negatively influenced the children’s.

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/alev-dudek/police-brutality-against-_2_b_7... This link is an example of an article which shows the stereotypes racism against black people. Stereotype means “a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing”. These article is related to yours as in both cases there were not enough evidence or reasons for them to be subjected to these specific situations. I was very shocked when I read this as the girl was white, not black but because of her black boyfriend she was terminated from her job. This is very sad how school administration differs people because of their skin colour and I think the school administration should be fined for the Audrey’s losses.

What a great story to choose! This post immediately caught my attention by just reading the title " White teacher with black boyfriend leads to no job." It is still shocking to see in today's society that race is still a major issue. It is very surprising to read that this lady had been let go due to reasons so irrelevant to her career such as her boyfriend being black. In addition I believe that the administration claiming that the termination of her job due to budget cuts was bogus since she was the only member of staff that was being fired. This was clearly used as an excuse so that their horrible decision did not seem so terrible.

To further prove your opinion I believe that adding a gender lens may be very beneficial to this argument as well. Perhaps in a different instance if this would have been a caucasian man that had a black female partner I believe this situation would have played out more differently. Usually men are seen as more powerful or dominant, more capable of defending themselves and overall tend to be more direct opposed to women who are know to being much more passive and timid. I think if in this case the teacher was a male administration would of been more hesitant to make such a harsh and ignorant decision. More times than not men are respected in the work place then women which may have made the administration second guess what they would've done to their co-worker. In conclusion I believe that not only race and racism in our society is a big problem but gender as well.

To start on a good note this article had good descriptive passages. Also it brings very important issues and the choice of this horrible story is perfect to put the spotlight on them. However this article only points one of the issues, racism, but forget the other one, gender and in this particular situation both are incredibly linked together. In my opinion! I do not think the same thing would have happened if this teacher was a men dating a black women. Maybe it would but giving the world we live in I doubt it. Women are usually more of a target to oppression than men. Also they suffer from a lot of discrimination in their everyday life, in politics, in the economy, in their workplace and in many other things. What I try to point out is that this story is more about a gender problem and I say so only because the victim is the women and not her boyfriend. It is not her boyfriend that loses is job at the end! Yes she is bullied and discriminate because she as a black boyfriend but even more because she is a “she” that as a black boyfriend. Therefore the “white she” in the American ideal should date “a good white straight American man”. To conclude this professional women is a victim like many others of the view that her work is less valuable and that is why her employers and colleagues allowed themselves to act like they did. Finally this article was shocking and it was a wise choice to capture the attention of the readers and point out issues of inequalities. However it would have been great if you had included the gender problem of this situation.
Ps: if you are interested in more article of issues of women in the work place here is a great link!

This post right away caught my eye when I saw the title "White teacher with black boyfriend leads to no job". This article left me speechless, I couldn't believe what I was reading. I still can't believe race is such a big issue in today's society and how dating a black female or male can have someone fired from their job. I don't believe that the school let her go "due to budget cuts in the school administration", it is definitely an excuse the school used to fire her. I don't understand how people can still discriminate and judge others on who they choose to date, who they decide to date shouldn't interfere with their career. It is a personal decision and if the person is happy then let them be. I also agree on how they are setting a bad example on children today, they are basically telling children that it is okay to discriminate on black people.. they don't realize what they are doing to our society and it is getting worse and worse because of people like them. The school in Florida should 100% be punished for the decision they made, who she decides to date shouldn't be a problem to anyone and it certainly shouldn't be a problem to the school. I personally think the school should focus less on who their employees date and focus a little bit more on things that actually matter such as bullying, violence and other important issues that we face today. Our world needs to improve or else our children will grow up with a very bad mindset.

Not only do I agree with this article but I couldn't get it out of my head. The title definitely did a good job of catching my eye but the story left me dumbfounded. In my life, I haven't experienced this but the thought that I could be discriminated against and insulted for hanging out with my friend because he or she is black shocks me. To think that our friendship would be frowned upon or that I'd be told by others that I shouldn't associate myself with them and that if I did I would be "punished" by those around me makes me sick. Not only do they have no right to discriminate against her for her personal preferences (i.e.: her boyfriend and taste of music) and that it happened in a school no less filled with impressionable children as the others above me discussed, but that she would be ostracized by her fellow teachers and lose her job. To lose her job over her preferences and be swept under the rug with the excuse "that it was due to budget cuts" which is not impossible however when she is the only one to lose her job along with the discriminative comments she endured before hand make it very clear that not only was it an excuse but that her merits as a teacher were ignored. To think she was literally punished for associating herself with a black man is not just unjust but the thought itself is terrifying to think in our society today that not only is racism still a big issue but that you could be shunned by those around you for even being around someone of color let alone have a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife who is black. Incidents like this make me question if we've even progressed that far let alone if we might have even regressed in making our society tolerant of one another no matter their differences. That this school would openly discriminate against those who are black and those who have a relationship with someone black and display this immoral behavior at an institution that is supposed to educate the coming generations is wrong. It's unjust and needs to be stopped and I hope this woman gets not only justice but compensation to send a message to this "school" for their discrimination against her and worst of all their intolerance.

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