Climate Change Media Reporting Comparison

by Jennie.Sellers on October 10, 2014 - 11:48am

In this assignment each country group will find a media article about climate change they feel represents the views of their home country. A media article could be from a newspaper, magazine, journal, video, or other type of media. Once you have found your article use the create content option on News Activist to post a link to the article and a brief description of why your group choose it. Posting the link is due by October 20, 2014. After that read the article posted by the other half of your group and discuss the similarities and differences between the media representation of climate change. You will then post a group article sharing what you learned. That post is due October 24, 2014. Note: please post your group number in the article title.


Use these questions as the base for your discussion.

  1. Were you surprised by the articles your group members shared?
  2. Did the article meet your preconceived ideas about the partner country’s (UK or US) views on climate change?
  3. Did you notice any examples of media bias in the articles? Please explain.
  4. What similarities did you find in the two articles?
  5. What differences in the two articles did you find?
  6. Was there anything that surprised you with the two articles?