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The first part of a one-year writing sequence emphasizing the creation of clear, thoughtful prose linked to critical reading and the interpretation of the content, style and structure of essays. Seven or more essays are required, three of which will be written in class. One is a documented essay, which students must pass in order to pass the course.



Student Learning Outcomes

Students Who Successfully Complete this Course Will:

Ø  Apply Active Essay Reading Skills

Ø  Demonstrate Active Reading Skills

Ø  Discuss Seven Distinct Rhetorical Essay Types

Ø  Create Seven Distinct Rhetorical Essay Types

Ø  Develop one Research-based (Documented) Essay




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4 years 2 weeks ago

Hey Yisel,
what you say is very much true; Donald Trump is a racist bully. His harshness towards Barack Obama you mentioned is just one of many examples where he has demonstrated extreme racism and sexism. Horrifyingly enough, Trump has managed to actually become elected the U.S. president. Many immigrants now fear their American lives. Now that he has been elected, how do you feel things will turn out? Is Donald Trump capable of changing his beliefs? What can we as citizens do to make things right? What will you do? Many immigrants are considering now leaving the U.S. with their families. Personally, I feel that we must join together and fight in order to combat new racism policies. The road ahead will be filled with much protesting but we must not let Trump prevail. I'd be interested to hear your take on this development.

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