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Students in this class will be blogging about social problems around the world. Student bloggers will review journalism, social science research, and films concerning social problems in a variety of countries.

SUNY Brockport
by Ckay1 on November 18, 2013
Growing up adopted is a struggle for many. The documentary Somewhere Between directed by Linda Goldstein gives first hand experience on what adoption is like.

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SUNY Brockport
by mlegr8 on November 18, 2013
This film was an inspirational story about the journeys of Chinese adoptees and their struggle but devotion to finding their birth parents in their home villages.

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SUNY Brockport
by bwhit7 on November 18, 2013
              Race, sexuality and class play a role in many different aspects of life all over the world. These can both be factors of discrimination, or can boost one’s social standings. It’s not easy to cross over borders, but it does happen as shown in “MY Beautiful Laundrette” (Stephen Frears 1985).

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SUNY Brockport
by eches1 on November 18, 2013
While colonization may not be as present today as in the days of Christopher Columbus, there are people who are still affected by the similar means of abuse from a higher authority. Icíar Bollaín’s Even the Rain shows us that people in Bolivia today face similar issues that the conquered natives faced when the Spanish conquistador Christopher Columbus settled on their land.

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SUNY Brockport
by rodel1 on November 18, 2013
In "Welcome", Bilal and Simon are caught up in a situation that reflects the emotional difficulties faced by modern-day immigrants: separation, loneliness, and desperation, as they often spend as long as years apart. As seen in Bilal's case, this can stir the desire to act based on instinct rather than reason as he is frantic to reunite with his girlfriend Mina in England.

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SUNY Brockport
by eflem3 on November 18, 2013
A young boy Jose and his grandmother, both of color, confront the superior white culture by striving for a better future than the one that they are thought to receive. Sugar Cane Alley (Palcy 1983) shows two different cultures and how they interact. The colored culture in this movie is to be owned by the whites. They are supposed to be working in the white men’s fields and getting paid next to nothing.

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SUNY Brockport
by bszab1 on November 18, 2013
An analysis of Even the Rain reveals the intricate differences between traditional human rights and modern human rights and it also reveals the underlying theme of class distinction. Icíar Boliaín, the director of Even the Rain, portrays two scenes that compares traditional human rights with modern human rights.

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SUNY Brockport
by Tduer1 on November 18, 2013
One girl's journey to find her biological parents becomes life changing after the culture shock she endured while in China.

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SUNY Brockport
by vbibk1 on November 18, 2013
We take our futures for granted, but what if we were not able to go to school? Our futures would be very different from the ones we envision now.

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SUNY Brockport
by rbrad44 on November 18, 2013
China is a very over-populated place that is desperately trying to control the number of people in its nation. With this being the case, it is very common for families to put their children, especially girls, up for adoption. In America, it is very rare for people to give their children up for adoption, no matter how many kids they have.

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SUNY Brockport
by dcarl1 on November 18, 2013
Perspectives on Conscience Motion Picture- Welcome Director- Phillippe Lioret Cast- Vincent Lindon, Firat Ayverdi, Audrey Dana

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SUNY Brockport
by jonea1 on November 18, 2013
My Beautiful Laundrette is a film that was written by Hanif Kureishi. The film This movie tackles many societal issues such as homosexuality and racism. The movie is set in London, England, in the 1980’s during Margaret Thatcher’s run as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. This is very relevant to the story mainly because of the main character, Omar, are Pakistani. This story taking place during The 1980’s, or The Cold War, helps us to see the relation between Great Britain and Pakistan during this time period.

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SUNY Brockport
by cscar11 on November 18, 2013
How would you react when you find out you were adopted from China and have no information on who your birth family is? That is the story for four girls in the documentary film Something Between that follows four adopted Chinese girls on their mission to find where they belong culturally in this world.

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SUNY Brockport
by avasi2 on November 18, 2013
The film Even in the Rain directed by Iciar Bollain (2010) takes place in Bolivia in the year 2000 during what is now infamously known as the Bolivian Water Wars. The film follows a director, Sebastian and his executive producer, Costa as they try to make a persuasive film depicting Columbus’ voyage to the Americas as the start of the obsession with gold, hunt for slaves, and violence against the Natives in the name of Christ. While the two are filming the movie, they are dragged into a revolution against the Bolivian government.

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SUNY Brockport
by vscott95 on November 18, 2013
Four adopted teenagers search for their identity and come across social issues involving feeling rules.

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SUNY Brockport
by mpett3 on November 18, 2013
Philippe Lioret’s film Welcome (2009) is a perfect example of social borders being crossed through different kinds of relationships.  One relationship in this movie is between Simon and Bilal and is probably the most unlikely relationship in this movie.  The social norms that have been created between French citizens and the illegal immigrants do not lead to friendships.  The French usually either completely ignore the immigrants or they are brutally and unnecessarily mean to them.  A great example of this social norm in the film is when Simon and Marion were in the grocery store a

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SUNY Brockport
by Sthom9 on November 18, 2013
The term “crossing borders” can mean many things: from literal border-crossing such as immigration and migration, to cross-cultural communication and the difficulties it can cause. Emad Burnat’s Five Broken Cameras is a perfect example of that latter of these. In particular, it illustrates the conflict that arose between the small Palestinian village of Bil’in and Israelis whose settlements encroached on their land in an attempt to force the locals out of their village.

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SUNY Brockport
by Ncama1 on November 18, 2013
5 Broken cameras examines the social issues between the Palestinians and the Israeli military in a clash for whose is whose.

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SUNY Brockport
by smala1 on November 18, 2013
Who Am I Really? 

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SUNY Brockport
by lszko1 on November 18, 2013
Finding a place where you are able to fit in a society can be very difficult. Many factors begin to come into play that can make you feel as though you are an outsider. Some examples of these factors being, gender, religion, race, and class. Cultural worldviews and the act of crossing borders between different countries can have a big impact many different races. This is an issue that shows up in the documentary, Somewhere Between directed and produced by Linda Goldstein Knowlton (2011), where the lives of four young female Chinese adoptees, who were given up due to the “One Child Policy” were observed and profiled. It allows us to feel the powerful experience that adopted children have to face and overcome and many of the hardships they face. Many themes of identity formation, family, adoption, race, cultural communication and issues of belonging and gender are present throughout the film.

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5 years 9 months ago

I agree with Miss Weiss that marijuana will be come more common in the future. I also strongly agree that it will be very beneficial to our society as well. I feel that the money marijuana will draw in is a also a very good thing as long as it goes to good use. I feel that people should not be able make a ton of money by it but; I agree it should go to education, towns, churches, charity etc.

5 years 9 months ago

I agree with Miss Weiss that marijuana will be come more common in the future. I also strongly agree that it will be very beneficial to our society as well. I feel that the money marijuana will draw in is a also a very good thing as long as it goes to good use. I feel that people should not be able make a ton of money by it but; I agree it should go to education, towns, churches, charity etc.

6 years 1 day ago

I feel like this is an important topic that needs to be addressed because they were oppressed earlier in history in America and the fact that the Canadian government overlooks this problem is not okay. What is happening to these women and where are they going? The problem does not seem to be going away, 600 women in 20 years is a lot. The needs of the Aboriginal are just as important as the needs of the Canadians, they are people as well. I totally agree with you. Measures should be taken to better investigate the situations so that this stops happening. I can’t imagine being my mother, my aunt or even myself going missing and no one finding out what happened to us. It’s absolutely horrible.

6 years 1 day ago

I think this was a great post. You really got to the point in your body paragraphs, you had just enough details and you also did a great job sticking to your thesis. Although you could have made this piece stronger by just analyzing Diouana’s in your second body paragraph instead of bringing Omar in. You could have put the comparison between her and Omar in the third body paragraph. I like how even though Diouana struggled and Omar did not you were able to compare the two. I think that expectations that people have of you in general are always hard to live up to no matter your circumstances. Learning to play your specific role without allowing people to overplay their role in certain situations is a thought that goes for both Diouana and Omar because outside forced highly affected their lives.

6 years 2 days ago

This article talks about how the African leaders wish to have their country be immune to international law. Meaning they don’t want the trouble of going overseas will leave their countries unattended and weak without a governing force which will cause many other problems in turn. I agree with the author of this blog saying that their reasoning really is quite inaccurate and the problems they believe will happen are either easily avoidable or are wrong and will cause more issues in the long run. With different countries not all participating in an underlying “rule” that is the same across the globe, crime and and violence is bound to be out of control. BY not being a part of the international law I do feel that more violence would arise because in Africa they would have no boundaries by other countries or law enforcements so the gap for disagreement and argument will grow immensely. If leaders are not accountable for their actions or punished/reinforced by others who follow the same law, then their countries and those under their leadership will follow their ways of violence and non-cooperation in a wider scale of circumstances. Excuses will be a huge issue.

Reply to: Child marriage
6 years 2 days ago

I agree with what your saying in your post because it's honestly sad that not every woman or little girl have the ability to do the things that we, being that i'm a female college student myself have in the United States. I feel bad for the little girls having to become mothers and take on such a big responsibility at such a young age. They have to give up their teenage roles to be come basically a married women. I never been through anything like that personally and i couldn't even imagine having to give up the life i had to have a completely different lifestyle in just a short amount of time.

6 years 2 days ago

I agree with the statements you wrote in your post. I feel that if they do teach kids more about sexual education and the type of effects it can have on your body and your life overall, especially now that there in high school and soon heading off into the real world where there won't be anybody to teach them the truth about sex. Its best too teach them now so that when they do come into the real world they'll be more and properly informed. I know that when i was in high school i honestly didn't know that much about sex and the effects that you can get from having sex. But i'm now grateful for my sex education class i had in high school because now as a college student i'm more informed and also more aware about things of that nature.

6 years 3 days ago

This topic is very interesting because I have never heard about it before. This is a very alarming issue that should be made more known. Like you stated, it does not matter what ethnic background you are. If someone goes missing, they deserve to be looked for no matter who they are. It is always a fear of mine that when I am working by myself or at a store by myself that I could be taken by someone, and it makes me sick to my stomach to think that if I lived in Canada and was an aboriginal that chances are nobody would really look for me.

6 years 3 days ago

This film is the perfect example in regards of showing how different cultures can really be. China and America are two totally different places in the world. I think it is very interesting that Haley decided that she wanted to meet her biological parents. It is also very interesting to see how different she is from them, even though they are her roots. It's amazing how much growing up in one place as opposed to another can determine how someone acts and views life. Haley was very lucky in finding who her biological parents are but I also think she is lucky because she is able to make connections to two totally different cultures.

6 years 3 days ago

It is often joked that Chinese kids face and enormous amount of pressure from their parents to be perfect at everything they do, but in reality, this is no joke. I never took into account the results of that these pressures turn into. I had no idea that some Chinese kids turn to quitting school or life. I strongly agree that no matter where students are in the world, they should never feel this intense amount of pressure. As a college student, I thought it was bad enough dealing with the amount of stress I’m going through. I could never imagine having a lifestyle where everything you do has to be perfect and you constantly have to be studying. Granted, college students should be studying a lot, but I don’t think any of us know how these teenagers and young adults in China feel.

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