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This is an introductory course to the concepts, methods and major topcis in Geography. As a social science course, the focus is on Human Geography. The course surveys the main sub-disciplines of Human Geography - urban, culture, economic, population, and human-environment. There is also a component on mapping. The course aim to make students think critically about themselves in places and about the construction of space and place, especially at different scales.

John Abbott College
by erikaboccardi on March 9, 2014
Neil Young’s Honour the Treaties tour is a tour funding the first nations’ legal fight against the Athabasca oil sands project. He wants to stop the oil sands development. His tour has brought a great amount of discussion concerning the pros and cons of the tour. However, the pros of this tour overpowers the cons. I’m for the Honour the Treaties tour because of the negative effects that the oil sand project has on our environment, economy and human rights. His tour promotes proper awareness towards the oil sands’ lack of positive outcomes. 

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John Abbott College
by linguini92 on March 4, 2014
“To protect, bring to life, implement and sustain the True Spirit and intent of Treaty No.8 as long as the sun shines, the grass grows and the water flows.” This is the goal of the First Nations in Alberta. Neil Young seems to share this goal since he decided to tour across Canada in order to raise money and awareness to the impacts of the oil sands in Alberta on the First Nations lands, rights and culture. Not only do the oil sands of Alberta pose dangerous threats to their First Nations, but also have irreversible environmental damage.

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John Abbott College
by thusharan on February 28, 2014
The" Honour the treaties" tour has riled up a lot of controversy but the goal of the tour was to raise awareness and that's what they accomplished. The point of the tour was to raise awareness about the  Athabasca oil sands in Alberta and to point out the environmental and health impacts that it has.  the tour was created so that Neil Young could raise awareness and to use the money that was collected to help the first nations with their legal fees. There's a lot of controversy on if the environment is worth sacrificing to help the economy.

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John Abbott College
by sarah-lisa33 on February 28, 2014
             “Honour the Treaties” controversy  

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John Abbott College
by alice88 on February 28, 2014
Neil Young is a musician born in 1945. He is more known as a musician but there is more than that. M. Young wanted to help a country named Alaska. A few years ago, petrol was found under a boreal forest in Alberta, it is calles the oil sands. As soon as it was found, people wanted to extract it to eventually make money out of it. But this discover also bring a lot of disadvantages on more than one aspect. Honour the treadies tour has been created by Neil Young to prevent these consequences to happen with the extraction of this enormous amount of petrol.

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John Abbott College
by ameenah27 on February 28, 2014
There has been a lot of controversy about the “Honor the Treaties tour”. Neil Young was born November 12th, 1945 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is a famous singer and songwriter that have been in the music industry for about 45 years. He recently joined the “Honor the Treaties tour”. “Honor the Treaties” is a music tour that started in May 2010. The reasoning behind the creation of this organization was to help indigenous communities protect their land, traditions, and helping them speak out, through music and art.

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John Abbott College
by nick.mancuso on February 28, 2014
Nicholas Mancuso                                                                                   February 28th 2014 Honour the Treaties Essay

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John Abbott College
by j.kanis88 on February 28, 2014
The Athabasca oil sands have been a topic of hot debate since they were discovered and began to be exploited several years ago. I believe these tar sands to be a source of great danger not only to first nations within the areas but to many Canadians in general. These concerns are based not only on the health risks that they pose to first nations in the area, but also to many Canadians that would be living near the proposed pipelines and railways used to transport the oil.

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John Abbott College
by Frede Lague on February 28, 2014
Febuary 28, 2014   Neil young is Canadien singer which now lives  in California. This Canadian Icon utilise his popularity to sensitize people about  the controversial  debate of  Athabasca Oil Sands in Alberta. I'm positionning  myself in favor of Neil Young's "Honour  the Treaties" tour for two simple reasons, the environmental one and the one that refers to the name of the tour "Honour  the Treaties",  in favor of the first nation rights.  

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John Abbott College
by Pooja.Harindranath on February 28, 2014
Neil Young's controversial “Honour the Treaties” tour was a campaign to raise awareness of the impacts of the oil sands and the unfair treatment of the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nations. The main goal of the tour was aiding the ACFN (Athabasca Chipewyan First Nations) financially in order to be able to fight the oil industry and government for offending their rights.

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John Abbott College
by AlexisLacombe on February 28, 2014
Honour the Treaties is a music tour created by Neil Young. It mostly focuses on stopping the development of the oils sand in Alberta and preventing the negative impacts that the creation and the expansion of theses pipeline can have on the environment. Even though there are many advantages to the exploitation of the oil sands, I believe that Honour the Treaties tour is a good thing for the local population and to conserve the ecosystem.   

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John Abbott College
by suchet on February 28, 2014
The “Honour the Treaties” tour is a well debate event in Canada. It is intended to raise money for the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation (AFCN) near Fort McMurray in Alberta.  I think that the Honour the Treaties should not be taking seriously because Canada needs this important resource that we luckily have in an important quantity in Alberta for our economy. I agree that the oils sand of the Athabasca River aren’t good for our environment and also for the territory of the First nation, but in our days, the economy of a country is probably the most important thing that we can rely on.

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John Abbott College
by dustinsinger on February 28, 2014
With all the controversy surrounding the Alberta oil sands and the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation’s​(ACFN), Neil Young has decided to create a tour called the Honour the Treaties tour. This tour is aimed to raise money for the Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation's legal fight against the expansion of the Athabasca oil sands. Most Albertans and many others across Canada including myself think that the honour the treaties tour is a bad idea.

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John Abbott College
by AndreaSimoneau on February 28, 2014
Feeding the Hunger of the World at the Cost of Ignoring a Struggling Environment

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John Abbott College
by Austin.Trudeau77 on February 28, 2014
A rapidly growing controversial topic in Canada right now is the Alberta Oil Sands. Some people seem to think that the effects of the construction are not present to minimal, but in reality they are very present, and are beginning to have very large-scale negative impacts on the environment. It comes down to economic growth vs. ecological harm. Personally, I think that we, as a community, should start realizing the damage that this expropriation is causing to the environment and realize that it definitely outweighs the short-term economic growth.

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John Abbott College
by Elliot on February 28, 2014
  The exploitation of the oil sands in Canada has been a controversial topic for some time, which singer, producer and songwriter Neil Young has decided to raise awareness about the negative impacts that this economic activity would bring by creating the “Honor the Treaties Tour”. In my opinion, the “Honor the Treaties Tour” supports a good cause that I respect and agree with, because it stands for protecting first nation culture, it stands for preserving Canada’s beautiful environments and demonstrates the image that Canada should be sending to the World.

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John Abbott College
by Cameron Stapleton on February 28, 2014
<p>&nbsp;</p><p>Cameron Stapleton</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Geography 0002 – Opinion Piece</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>The question posed to all Canadians: Are you for or against Neil Young’s “Honour the Treaties” tour?</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>Without a doubt this is a controversial debate. I would guess that a high percentage of Western Canadians do not really understand the impact the Oil sand developments are having on the environment, wildlife and civilian population.

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John Abbott College
by Joseph Kazmi on February 28, 2014
Throughout history, white men have colonized, converted, murdered, slaughtered and terrorized different cultures for many years. This was either to take over something they did not have or it was for power. The Messenian wars, the Peloponnesian war, the rise of the Roman Empire, the Atlantic Slave trade, The Spanish Inquisition and many more are just examples. Upon the arrival of the Europeans to the New World, the Native Americans have lived centuries of torment, mass murder and supremacy under the European rule.

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Save the Treaty Opinion Piece.

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