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The aim of all IB programmes is to develop internationally minded people who, recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet help to create a better and more peaceful world.   (International Baccalaureate Organization Guide, 2007).

The IB English course aims to:

  1. To develop student’s intercultural understanding,
  2. To enable students to understand and use the English language they have studied in a range of contexts and for a variety of purposes,
  3. To encourage, through the study of texts and through social interaction, an awareness and appreciation of the different perspectives of people froth other cultures,
  4. To develop students’ awareness of  the role of language in relation to other areas of knowledge,
  5. To develop students’ awareness of the relationship between the languages and cultures with which they are familiar,
  6. To provide students with a basis for further study, work and leisure through the use of an additional language,

To provide the opportunity for enjoyment, creativity and intellectual stimulation through knowledge of an additional language.

(IB  Language Program Guide "B" , 2012


College Lafleche
by rachet2000 on October 10, 2013
Summary of the article : There are both positive and negative impacts of computer games on society. Simulation games improve our hand-eye coordination and are used to train people to use high-tech machines. Strategy games improve our ability to make decisions in real life and brain training games are used so people can learn while having fun. However, some people play video games excessively and develop a tendancy to isolate themselves from reality.

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College Lafleche
by laurie-line.g on October 10, 2013
Summary My article is about Article 219 in the 2012 Constitution because it is about Sharia, a controversial subject. This article imposes the point of view that people have different interpretations of Sharia. Some feel it is against woman rights and it is insinuating that everyone is an enemy of Islam if they don’t want this article in the 2012 Constitution or if they do Sharia in a different ways. In fact, they are not foes, but they don’t want the Constitution to tell them how to do Sharia, they want liberty and respect for all the interpretations.  

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College Lafleche
by vince1401 on October 10, 2013
Many improvements have made Finnish education one of the best in the world. Instead of motivating (or discouraging) students with tests, their master-graduated teachers prefer to motivate them with outdoor activities, inventive learning games and minimal homework.

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College Lafleche
by marysun94 on October 4, 2013
Every year, John J. Reilly Center for Science, Technology and Values, a division of the University of Notre Dame, publishes a list of emerging ethical and policy issues in the world of science and technology. The main idea or goal is to promote the perpetuity of science and technology in a common good. The list expert made and gives a chance to intersect different disciplinary perspectives.

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College Lafleche
by camilleb on October 3, 2013

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College Lafleche
by pen_60 on October 3, 2013
Link Summary

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College Lafleche
by mylcoeurs on October 3, 2013
 Euthanasia and assisted suicide : NHS Choice, Euthanasia and assisted suicide, Ethics and science[1] Summary:

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College Lafleche
by pierre-olivier_... on October 3, 2013
Link :

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College Lafleche
by maxle14 on October 3, 2013    

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7 years 2 months ago

In my opinion, euthanasia is a symbol of dignity. It has nothing to do with weakness, depression and suicide. When a person is suffering, knowing she is going to suffer until she dies, it is completely unhuman to let that person lose her senses and her mental capacities. I sincerely believe that euthanasia should be legal in Canada. Anyway, some people already practice it.

Reply to: Finland's schools
7 years 2 months ago

I think that the Finland's system of education is better that ours. I saw, not a long time ago, a documentary that talk about the differences of education systems between countries, and indeed, Finland or as for the other Scandinavian countries, are a model for the rest of the world and should be, therefore, followed by the other societies. The Minister of Education of Canada should take this outstanding system, and thus, establish it vigorously across Canada. Finland have prove that it is possible to achieve marvelous results by attempting these improvements toward their educational system.

7 years 2 months ago

In my opinion, Russia is taking advantage of the Olympics to extend its anti-homosexual legislation to people from all over the world. By constraining athletes from other countries, the Russian government wants to impose and "promote" its reactionary values. I think it is a shameful strategy because the Olympic games are a universal event. They aim to unite nations, not to divide them. Russians KNOW that many countries are defenders of homosexuals' rights. In fact, their legislation is a deliberate provocation against Occidental countries and it is completely at the opposite of the Olympics' philosophy. However, I hope that many nations will see the Sochi Olympics as an opportunity to contest Russia's law since this law is against the most basic human rights.

7 years 2 months ago

Personally, I think teens are playing a lot at videogames, but not too much. They are going to school, they are hanging out with friends and they even play videogames with them! Teens of today, the electronic generation, are frequently pointed because we imagine that their lifestyle have only bad effects. In fact, an addiction is an addiction, we have to be moderate, but I prefer being addict to videogames than drugs! Our society is much more technological, we don’t play too much; we just follow development and new entertainment ways!

7 years 2 months ago

Why people are they so late in their opinion? We are in 2013 and human rights should be offered for everyone. It's something that we should have as a right, a priority, not something that has to be controlled by the government or the Sharia. I don't think that Sharia should take place of the government to make respect of which laws should be followed.

7 years 3 months ago

It is very good.

7 years 3 months ago

It is an interesting subject!

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