Geographies of the World Economy

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The aim of this course is to place the subject of economic geography within the framework of globalization to illustrate the growing interdependence among regions with respect to economic, political, social and ecological issues.


John Abbott College
by lshillin on September 11, 2017
Each group (3 students in each group) will review two different recent attempts to trace commodity chains that uncover the hidden processes behind the production of commodites (processes so often hidden by commodity fetishism). Using ideas and evidence from these sites, each group will develop a teaching tool that could be used in secondary school classrooms to explain the commodity chains behind brand-name products. The teaching tool will be posted to NewsActivist and shared with other Cegep and university classes. 

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Laura Shillington is Faculty in the Department of Geosciences at John Abbott College in Montréal. She has been at John Abbott since 2013. Prior to that she taught at Carleton University and Concordia University.


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