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Pink is for girls and blue is for boys, or at least that's what many of us were taught as children. But what are these stereotypes really telling us? Assumptions like these force men and women into specific roles, and from a very young age, we socialize boys to be aggressive and girls to be "nice" -- the aesthetic assigned to each group reflects this. But how do real people deal with these expectations? What does it mean to see the world through gendered terms?

This course will investigate three different, and sometimes competing gendered worldviews: feminism, hegemonic masculinity, and the perspective of LGBTQIA activists. We will start by examining feminist discourses that help expose what it means to be a woman living in a man's world. Then we will investigate how North American society constructs masculinity and places another set of behavioural expectations on men, demonstrating that men also struggle with assumptions about gender. Finally, we will ask how the LGBTQIA community navigates the treacherous terrain of gendered expectations, and what this means for how they see the world.

Dawson College
by YP123 on November 17, 2014
After reading humanity's fight, I remember two movies :  the first is High crimes ( Carl Franklin ) with Morgan Freeman and Ashley Judd ; She want to have a beautiful family at all price. Also, she found an handsome man with all qualities to reassure. But a crime occures and provoked several ends which the fact indicatingthat her husband was a real criminal.May be, it is the reason who push men to say the women prefered the men like those in man box.

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Dawson College
by YP123 on November 8, 2014
The first time, I saw a gay ; It was a young of my town. We never were friends but we knew eachone. I let them to come near me by my work. The difference is that they are more friendly, available and listen the others with a particular ear. I remember my enter in the european university, my demand was studied by a mediator ( gayman ). I ignore if it is element in more, is an inborn talent. That is the only reason for which I look them as tresaures to identify. Today, I confirm that this point is very precious and contribute at their advantage.

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Dawson College
by miiniie73 on October 29, 2014
For the longest time, we have wondered why there is more and more violence occurring in the world. We live in modern times with technology and media, connecting us to each other, which should reduce ignorant acts of violence by bringing us all together and understanding the source of problems, instead of lashing out against anything and everything. In the recent years, with understanding different points of view and studying the roots of things, some have found that violence is an issue directly pointed towards men. In the documentary "Tough Guise 2", directed by Jackson T.

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Dawson College
by YP123 on October 26, 2014
The movie followed on wednesday 22th october is about the root of violence. The education is the first cause, some person think that it is the big task of  family.  Then the movie watched and the game which they play. There is too the manner where people consider the men of some community such the asian. The arrival of Bruce Lee brought an other image at their men. It is similar when we see the size of dolls used or sold on the market  must be all muscle to prove the power.

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Dawson College
by miiniie73 on October 19, 2014
Nowadays, when we think of the word "injustices", we mostly tend to think about racial minorities, women and non-heterosexuals. However, the very last thing that comes to mind is the ones aimed directly towards men. Why wouldn't it be, they are the privileged sex after all, are they not? Unfortunately the vast majority of us think men don't have to deal with any discriminatory issues because they have all the power and respect in our society . But let's not be blind before this unthought about and overlooked issue.

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Dawson College
by salutona on October 17, 2014
Since time itself, men have been wired to behave a certain way. We see it all the time, the strong heroic type being praised for being so tough and manly. Never showing emotion, never backing down from a fight; he is glorified. Now, on the other hand, we have the sweet and sensitive type of man who is ridiculed for being the way he is. All of these stereotypes of how a man should behave fit into something called the “Man Box”. On the outside of the box however, we find the rejects. The men who know it’s okay to shed a tear once in a while, who know women aren’t just sex objects.

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Dawson College
by ilias50 on October 17, 2014
In masculinity there is a concept called the ‘‘Man Box’’. Inside this box there are some particular words for how a man should act and some expectations or role that constitute conventional masculinity. For example the words Strong, Tough, Hard or Intimidating are in this box. But let’s not forget that outside this box there are some bad words that a man can be called if he does not respect the principle of this box. For example if a man is not acting like a man, based on the society he is in, he will be called a Pussy, a Faggot or even a Bitch.

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Dawson College
by sherjamalee on October 17, 2014
Whether one accepts it or not, men seek attention by putting themselves in situations involving violence, fights, verbal and/or physical abuse. Why? There is no reason a lot of the time. I am a witness to countless fights over the pettiest issues, involving my friends and a few times, me as well.

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Dawson College
by Linhnguyen on October 17, 2014
When a boy was born, he was taught to “be a man”.  Every man learns since they were kids how to be a real man. They were taught about “the man box”: rules that our society create to show how men are supposed to be. These rules give men the mentality and the behaviors of how they supposed to act in the society. If they’re not behaving like the image that “the man box” has created, people will end up calling them: pussy, weak, gay, etc. So if they don’t want the society to judge them, especially women, they have to act like a man, like how the box shows them to.

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Dawson College
by Anderson554 on October 17, 2014
In sport, the male has been vastly dominating this industry due to the physical body, the mental strength. Since the appearance of the professional sports league, male has been showing dominance in this field to gain more manliness and gain more manhood. In the sport world from athletes, coaches to the commentators of the game they are basically male oriented. Since sport is male oriented generally the viewer will be male oriented also due to the fact the sport bring more manliness in the males perspective.

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Dawson College
by Kirameshin on October 17, 2014
What is the ‘’man box’’? How does it apply to our society? This concept defines the social values of hegemonic masculinity in which men are supposed to conform. Men are taught to be dominant in every social aspect of their lives. They are taught to be aggressive not only socially, but sexually too. They are taught to be stoic, and to not show any emotional signs on their faces publicly. In short, they are taught to be tough guys in this so-called ‘’man box’’.

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Dawson College
by max54321 on October 17, 2014
The man box is about how men are “supposed” to act in today’s world. It is said to be “the rules for acting like a man”. The man box states, for example, do not cry openly or express emotions with the exception of anger; be tough, athletic, strong and courageous; and view woman as property and objects. If a man is seen having a tough day, he will be told to “man up” and “get over it”. However, if the same would be happening to a women, she would be comforted. This is not right!

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Dawson College
by js1997 on October 17, 2014
  When are people in general going to understand that being different is way better than being the same? Ofcourse, I took the "Man Box" as an example. The man box basically determines if you're a "man" or not. I don't understand why it even exists. It's amazingly stupid! I could comprehend that people dislike others, it is completely normal, but hating on someone who you don't think is "manly enough" ... really? Take a look at this quote, said by the famous rapper "Eminem" ; "I don't care if you're black, white, straight, gay, lesbian, short, tall, fat, skinny, rich or poor.

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Dawson College
by PinkTurtle on October 16, 2014
                From young boys are taught to be a “man”. A man is a word that is not yet defined but has been given a certain social construct. At this point no one can ever define the word man because; men starting from young aren’t given the opportunity to define it. Boys are brainwashed from the moment they enter the world. Everything they observe is an influential piece of information to affect the way they behave in society.             

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Dawson College
by Loveschool on October 16, 2014
Wow, the “man box” plays such a huge role in society. Why does it lead to negative thinking though? This so called “man box” is not your best option to look towards in life in my opinion. It’s just creating crimes, deaths and all in all negativity scenarios. When will men break out of the ‘man box’? Unfortunately, we may never know, but I hope it comes to an end someday. This box of words that is basically saying what men should be is creating a lot of violence in our society. Men can’t be fags, pussies, weak and so on according to this box.

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Dawson College
by Lorageee on October 16, 2014
What happens to a balloon when you blow too much air into it? Easy, it explodes. If this is such a simple concept to grasp, then why is it so complex to even consider that men as human beings cannot possibly internalize all of their emotions without exploding as well?

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Dawson College
by AngGee on October 16, 2014
As much as society would like to peg woman as a leading cause for "de-masculization" it seems that more and more its the realization of young men that the roles society has determined for them are not as glamourous as Hollywood makes them out to be. Why is it that stoic is the best attribute to discribe strength? The lack of feeling something, anything really, is what makes men more "manly".  Not being able to face or accept their emoptions is what seperates them from being a wuss or a pussy. Emotional pain is what makes humans capable of compation and empathy, is it not?

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Dawson College
by 1431713 on October 16, 2014
Some men are racially profiled in mass murders yet we do not see discussions on men being the main issue at hand. As a society we have expectations from men; that they are strong, virile, hyper sexual, stoic and basically anything that can be thought of that goes in the definition of what a man “should be or look like” (the famous “man box”).  Men attempt their best to conform to this social norm, yet many feel as if they have failed at some point in their lives; to reach an outrageous “standard”.

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Dawson College
by jeje on October 16, 2014
            Fitting in is a key desire for most people today, however it appears that there is an extra pressure on men to conform to certain ideals in order to be accepted by their peers and ultimately fit in. When these ideals are not met in the desirable fashion they are often victim of severe criticism from men as well as from women. The ideals I am talking about can be described as a box, or as what is popularly referred too as the “man box”.

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4 years 9 months ago

This was a very interesting article, especially in that it framed feminist issues in the context of contemporary world events. I appreciate how you drew a distinction between traditional power structures and so-called new power, and how you elaborated on how both can be helpful in their own ways.

It is important to note however that the new power granted by tools such as social media is simply an evolution of a long trend of non-institutional power working to advance feminist goals. Going back even to the first wave of feminism, which was centered in the UK and North America in the early 20th century, tools such as public marches and demonstrations, as well as civil disobedience, have been useful in advancing feminist goals. A good summary of that wave's ties to public protest can be found here:

I think the article could be furthered by examining how social media has helped or perhaps hindered feminism since its inception. It would be interesting to look at how people who might not be otherwise implicated in the feminist movement have come into contact with it through social media. As well, you could look at how the use public protests and demonstrations have evolved throughout the history of the feminist project.

All in all, a very interesting article.


"From Suffrage to Women's Liberation."

4 years 10 months ago

This was a very interesting article for several reasons, not least amongst which was the fact that it examined how gender norms affect the credibility of both men and women depending on the circumstances. While living in a patriarchal society has made me accustomed to the fact that men would be stereotypically thought of as being more credible or trustworthy than women, it was interesting to see that, in the context of a custody hearing, a female expert was rated more highly than a male one.

I think the good work that this article does can be furthered by examining how intersectionality works with gender in order to affect this perception of credibility. In brief, intersectionality connotes how different modes of oppression interplay with and reinforce one another. A good examination of intersectionality and its relationship with feminism can be found here:

As such, I think the article could be furthered by looking at the relative credibility of different women. Would a Muslim woman wearing a hijab be deemed more or less trustworthy than a white woman? Would an older woman be thought of as more or less credible than a younger one? Would an individual who does not subscribe to a gender binary be deemed more or less credible than all of these? And does all of this further depend on the specific circumstances?

All of these are important questions (and ones to which I don't have the answer), and I think this article could be furthered by an examination of these questions.

All told though, it was a very interesting post.

Works Cited:

"What Is Intersectional Feminism?" USA TODAY, 19 Jan. 2017.

6 years 3 months ago

I find it very interesting how you claim that the law makes the public aware just enough to not rebel in any shape or form. In a way this is true but we as people don’t repress the thoughts of what could happen if we defy the law, we are well aware of the consequences that can happen if we commit any crime. Can the law truly be an invisible force? or do we make it one in order to not feel controlled by a higher authority? I agree with the idea that we as people do not have regular encounters with the citizens who work to keep the law controlled and present. But that’s because, we oblige by these rules subconsciously. Ethical Rationalism is a form of Deontology theory in which, “moral truths are knowable a prior, by reason alone.” ( As humans, we are born with a common sense of what is right and wrong. Ultimately the law is based on these senses and written clearly for everyone to act upon to keep society functioning well and safely. Reason is what makes us different from the other species and it allows us to work freely with no limitations to our knowledge. Having reason, gives us the moral obligation to oblige by the law that is a social construct and this comes naturally.

- PinkTurtle

6 years 3 months ago

To start on a good note this article had good descriptive passages. Also it brings very important issues and the choice of this horrible story is perfect to put the spotlight on them. However this article only points one of the issues, racism, but forget the other one, gender and in this particular situation both are incredibly linked together. In my opinion! I do not think the same thing would have happened if this teacher was a men dating a black women. Maybe it would but giving the world we live in I doubt it. Women are usually more of a target to oppression than men. Also they suffer from a lot of discrimination in their everyday life, in politics, in the economy, in their workplace and in many other things. What I try to point out is that this story is more about a gender problem and I say so only because the victim is the women and not her boyfriend. It is not her boyfriend that loses is job at the end! Yes she is bullied and discriminate because she as a black boyfriend but even more because she is a “she” that as a black boyfriend. Therefore the “white she” in the American ideal should date “a good white straight American man”. To conclude this professional women is a victim like many others of the view that her work is less valuable and that is why her employers and colleagues allowed themselves to act like they did. Finally this article was shocking and it was a wise choice to capture the attention of the readers and point out issues of inequalities. However it would have been great if you had included the gender problem of this situation.
Ps: if you are interested in more article of issues of women in the work place here is a great link!

7 years 2 months ago

You article’s tittle got me. My first impression was like: “Wow, I have to read this article”. It’s a really nice tittle with a very interesting text. I never realize the fact there’s still so many discrimination cases like this in America. America’s president is Barack Obama, he is also African American. So I always thought that America supposed to have less discriminations than others countries. Also, I still cannot believe that race discriminations still exist in workplaces like that. I agree with you when you pointed out the fact that ethnicity should not be taken into consideration when it comes to hiring or applying for a job. This isn’t only racism problem, but also involving human rights and equalities. We can intersect this fact to the subject of gender that I have learned in class. Yes America’s countries don’t get only racism or human equalities problems; there are also sexism problems. Just because they are woman, many workplaces won’t hire them. Just because they are woman, they will get harass by their bosses or else they will get fire. Women still got discriminate by so many people these days and most of the cases happen in workplace. Finally, I find the link below will maybe interest you on the fact that not only racism, but sexism too, exists in workplaces:

7 years 2 months ago

It is very unfortunate that women would have to go to such extent of protesting and practicing their freedom of rights (not so much freedom) with being nude or using their body as an symbol for rights and freedom. Countries that uses theocracy as a system of governing, are only awakening the world. The only way that we can read, watch or hear about these horrific events that occur to women in countries such as Iran is through the actions of the Iranian government. For example when you have mentioned about the attacks on women by using acid. The only way for awareness to spread is through actions, desperate times call for desperate measures, if there has to be women protesting without any clothes, than let it be, the world will hear them.

7 years 2 months ago

Your interesting post about racism tells us how sad reality has become. Everyone knows how the issue about racism is something that should not be taken lightly. The fact that these parents are warning their children on how they should act demonstrates their fear of discrimination. In our class, we talk a lot about the issues on gender, which shares similar social problems racism have; white people have fairly more advantages than black people, and it goes the same for men versus women. We often see black people represented as violent, unmannered and sexually aggressive. In this same society, we see women represented as weak, submissive socially and sexually. Not to forget about transgender people, who are also mistakingly misrepresented in our society. Whether it is a man who became a woman, or a woman who became a man, people judge them for not conforming to social construct on gender identities. All these social issues such as racism and gender identities are strongly present in our everyday lives, and are needed to be reflected on critically.
Here is a link with more information about transgender issues, check it out if you want!

7 years 2 months ago

When I saw the title of your article, it directly grabbed my attention because I am a big soccer fan. I usually know every major news about soccer, whether about the players or about the big events like tournaments. But I was not aware that some players like Yaya Touré want to boycott the 2018 FIFA World Cup, I did not hear about it. Moreover, I was aware about the issue of racism perpetrated towards Black people in the Russian soccer league. In my class, I have learned that intersectionality is the intersection of multiple forms of oppression, discrimination, or prejudice that reinforce and support one another. Being a man and also a member of a racial minority (Black, Latino, Arabs and ect...) can place this person at the target of intersectionality and marginalization. Here is an article that talks about eradicating intersectionality in a college campus The Russian government should the same about its citizens and he should sensitize them that having a racist mentality is a degrading way of thinking.

7 years 2 months ago

I find your article very interesting and I think the manner in which you convey your opinion about this topic is very clear and well explained. Additionally, the way you give both, the English speaking parents and the non-English speaking ones, points of view on this supposed injustice gives us, your readers, the opportunity to form our own thoughts before even reading Gema Bate's article "Parent's Fury After 'Discriminating' School Trip".
If you think about it, the discrimination expressed towards those children who's first language is not English, could be compared to the discrimination made towards people in the LGBTQIA community. For example the way people expect the minority groups to react nonchalantly when facing a discriminatory situation, how they are expected to simply overlook it and walk away, as if it is ok that they even have to deal with any vulgar remarks.
Heres a link further elaborating what people in the LGBTQIA community have to go through when it comes to discrimination:

7 years 2 months ago

I agree with what the author is trying to say that the football club CSKA Moscow it’s not there fault on what the fans say during the the football game. I believe that the club is responsible for the actions that their fans took against Manchester City’s Yaya Toure during a Champions League game. I think the punishment that the UEFA give to the Russian club received was a slap on the wrist for what the fans did was not acceptable and I think than should have gotten a bigger punishment. The worst part of this is that Yaya Toure is thinking about boycotting the 2018 world cup in Russia I think that’s very sad to see that a player does not wanna go to the world cup because of the racist chants to Yaya Toure. The thing that I would have like is if the author would have said how the players of CSKA Moscow felt on how the fans reacted to Yaya Toure and how the color players of CSKA Moscow felt on the way they own fans were acting towards a black player.

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