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Winter 2013

Champlain College Saint-Lambert

Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by Soul Rebel on March 20, 2013
School system revolution 

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by gagnonpamela on March 20, 2013
There are many causes for the dropouts in school but instead of thinking in the bad way, there are solutions that could have a great impact on the un-motivated people in school. That is why that, in order to decrease the dropout rate, the use of solutions for dropout prevention should be put into practice by the government.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by Iori12 on March 20, 2013
Religion shouldnt be taught in schools  supporting issues

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by Saumure on March 20, 2013
Sports and education come hand in hand. Winning isn't the ultimate goal, sports have a positive impact on a students education which is more valuable than winning a game.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by Sanjana on March 20, 2013
With the advancement of technology and with so many people having both a computer and internet at home the concept of online courses, especially post-secondary online courses, has been growing increasingly popular. In fact, several universities across Canada, such as University of Toronto, McGill, University of Calgary, Carleton University and others have even started giving the option to students to take up some of their courses online (Alphonso).

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by freefallman on March 14, 2013
At this point in time I’ve spent many years in the Canadian education system, however, I wasn’t a always a Canadian citizens, and having experience in an education system different form that of Canada (Ukrain) has given me allot of insight on the following topic, as well as helped me construct many critics about it.

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Champlain College, Saint-Lambert
by Jshan on February 21, 2013
Jefny S. “Quebec’s high dropout rate: Educating children earlier, extending kindergarten to 4-year olds, seen as key in the battle”The Montreal Gazette, 2012. Web. 20 Feb.2013.< How does Quebec try to find a solution to lower the high drop rate?

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8 years 1 week ago

I completely agree with you that the Philippines not only need our help for the donation of money but also to bring amelioration to their medical aids. Since the Philippines are very poor, this affected them more than other rich countries would. That is why I believe that we should help them to get better in sanitation because they do not have the means to help themselves and make change. What will make change is if other countries put together could all give a little help. This applies to many other poor countries where most of us ignore the problems there because we do not want to get out of our comfort zone.

8 years 1 week ago

I also chose the same topic as you and I seriously believe that their one-child policy is not the best option because although by doing this they will be able to reduce a bit more the population of China, the Chinese from the baby-boom time is now getting older. Their policy will not be as effective as they think in a couple of years because like you mentioned in your summary, less people will have the capacity to work, therefore, China will produce less and will lose this power of them to produce a lot. For example, as we can see, if you look around your house, most of the things are made in China. I believe that China should look at the long-term problems and find solutions for the future of the population.

Reply to: Teen Mom
8 years 2 weeks ago

When you say teen mothers are delinquent and have a drug problem, i know it is mostly referring to the article or book. Not all mothers who are pregnant at a young age is because they have a drug problems that might be just stereotyping. The second paragraph is sort of complicated the way it is placed in the paragraph maybe explain or put your details more in depth.

8 years 2 weeks ago

I sort of agree with what you are saying, but at the same time reading your article was a bit confusing towards the end where you were mentioning the main purpose, conclusion and question. i agree with what you are saying on your top paragraph, but different schools that children go to, does affect how they react at home. Children may be having a hard time at school, and might be completely closed off when entering the house or vice versa.

8 years 3 weeks ago

Your choice of topic is very interesting and touching mostly because I am a woman and that I am close to someone that was a victim of a rape. I had no idea that every 20 minutes there is a rape in India. I was aware that there is a lot of the existence of rape but not at this point. This is unbelievable in my opinion. I hate to know that there is female abuse everywhere, but we do not do much about it. I agree with your idea that this solution is efficient to make the police know about those horrible experiences by keeping anonymity. Therefore, if more police would be present in those most dangerous areas, the better the security for women would be. I find this unbelievable and disgusting to know how there are many men who would be crazy enough to rape a woman against their will. A lot of people are aware of the number of rapes and how horrible it is but they are not aware enough of its impact on the victims, how they might be traumatized for the rest of their lives. I find that we should be more aware and react to this. Policemen should watch over this more carefully.

8 years 3 weeks ago

I completely agree with your point of view. I think it is quite selfish from us, rich countries, to restrain reacting to this the way we should. I believe that we are lucky in Canada where many people and children have the food, the water, etc. We are blessed and most of the time we don't realize it that much. We always complain and want more but I think that we should be thankful and instead of thinking only about ourselves, we should put more importance on people that do need the help. Not only in India but everywhere, some people might need food and water more than you do. I think that it is ridiculous that even today the children in India and other places do not have the minimum food or water. Like you said, everyone deserve the equality of having food at least to be slightly healthy. Children grow up with this problem and it is a traumatizing experience especially for children.

8 years 1 month ago

I completely agree with you. This subject is very interesting and is one of my biggest frustration right now. I am not affected by this Charter in the sense that I do not wear religious signs or whatsoever, but I do think for other religious people. How unfair it is for them. You are right, I also believe that this Charter of Values goes against what Quebec has claimed itself to be throughout the years; a FREE country with MULTICULTURALISM. I understand that Quebec wants to keep the religion neutral to feel like we are all equal religiously. Which means that the religious people who want to wear religious signs; they can only wear it at home? The niqab, for example, is not something that you can just remove and put it back whenever you want for religious people, it's sacred. This completely removes the freedom and multiculturalism out of Quebec. Moreover, for me, I do not see why it is a problem to see someone wearing what they want because when I see someone with a religious sign on them, I am not feeling pressured by them to share their beliefs and wear what they wear. This is a part of what makes people unique, a part of who they are: it's what they believe in. If our freedom of expression, belief is banned, then I do not know where our world is going. What's next? We will not be able to say our opinion and have the chance to express ourselves? We will all look the same and act the same? No. This is ridiculous.

8 years 1 month ago

I agree with you. I believe that education is very important for everyone and that everyone should have the chance to express themselves through education. We find ourselves always whining about school, but instead of always whining we should be thankful to have education unlike some countries who are too poor to even afford having education. Also, I find it very unfair that there are some countries where the population can have a part of the profits but other poor countries where the government keeps all the money for them. I would also add that many countries have many good resources that they could get money from but they do not know how to manage it well and that is another reason they might be poor I think.

8 years 1 month ago

This is an interesting topic, because most college students do only think of that. School grades, parents, and work don't come to their mind. They just sit at school and look at others walking. it's a good think that not all college are like this because then this issue would be a lot worst, a bunch of students would get closer in dorms. It is probably every students dream to go to a college with a dorm room, because of the main point you pointed out about having no parents, no curfew and no rules or chores like if you were living at the house with your parents and other siblings.

Reply to: When is too Much?
8 years 1 month ago

Alcohol has become a major problem with high school and leading on to college. High school student tend to go out in their last year of college because they are graduating and want to party. They get their fake ID's from their older sister, it may work sometimes, but not fake ID's work. I agree about the campus and the college itself contributes to these parties, they put posters all around the school indicating their will be a party this date and everyone goes, knowing they might have an exam on the Monday coming up. If people get used to going out every weekend, where does studying come in that weekend. People would drop their most important things to do and go out, which is a big problem. Administration should be detecting the problems on the campuses and exclude them.

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