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by Coventry Student on March 3, 2015
In this story, published on BBC News in May, 2014, e learn about the potential for Coventry to develop into a city like Monaco. However, is this a good direction for our city? Perhaps a user in Monaco can speak to the strengths and weaknesses of living in the city. Before I learn more about the benefits and detriments of developing a personality like Monaco, I'd like to slow down on development.

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6 years 6 months ago

My classes will start posting their news summaries twice weekly on January 20. They will start being assigned feedback writing as of January 27-February10. My classes run until early May.


7 years 1 month ago

Hi folks,

First of all, Linda, get your collaborators to sign up here soon and access this thread so we can plan!

I was inspired to ask for this as I have a colleague, a photography teacher, who might want to join you in this project.

I'd also love to be able to continue the conversation with Joe I started about this site and photography. Clearly, film is a part of your work, so I'd like to spend time considering how we'll be able to make this site best serve your purposes!



7 years 1 month ago

Hi Linda,

I'm really excited about your plans!

Although I may not be able to participate next year in the collaboration, I will be able to support you guys and provide guidance in how to use the site and even to link you (I think!) to a sociology professor in California who may be using the site in the fall!

The best way to incorporate videos, as far as I can tell, will be to upload them to youtube and to provide links and explanation in a post on the page of the film-maker.

Alternatively, low quality videos should be able to be uploaded directly, and a lot of the work in planning and preparing the video can take place in the newsactivist website.

Students can share material only with friends (and teacher's can be part of that) and over the summer I want to be making the site a little clearer about which campuses are collaborating so certain posts can be shared with the collaborating classes and not the whole website community- for drafts and planning.

Then final products can be marked public and the whole site can explore and comment on the work your collaborating students are developing!

Let me know any questions and try to get the other teachers who are involved to comment on this thread- then you will all get emails when any additional comments are added to this thread!

So excited to see what takes place!


7 years 3 months ago

I will post this here, but have also created a thread for design suggestions. But Norm and I discussed a few larger site design issues this morning, and so I'll include them in this thread. The below issues may not be resolved until the end of the semester, since design and implementation might lead to bugs or make certain time-sensitive work unavailable.

1. We would like to Private class material that is to be seen by several but not all classes- how to navigate this?
--- norm has request to "only see in certain classes"
--- It is important to note that back-end shifts in types of content or class can lead to problems with content already submitted from different menus.

2. Activities that don't have links to news stories? Shall there be a category that is default hidden from the front page for more reflectional or compositional work that is not yet ready for front page sharing?

3.It would be good if teacher's could organize the material posted by their students in certain threads, such as according to assignment or at least by date or some such system. The search function and tagging allow for certain possibilities in the current design, which Norm will be testing with his classes to see if it allows enough control of content.

7 years 3 months ago

Hi norm 

see you Monday. Where and when shall I Meet you? Your office at noon? Can you provide the office number for me again?



ps: how was the class for you and your students Monday, Rebecca? Nice to have met you! 


7 years 3 months ago

Click on another class (Newsactivism 2013 will work or Kaldor's sociology class) and you can see how the posts will show up, most recent at the top!

Let me know if that helps,


7 years 4 months ago

Hi Norm, Rebecca, and Claudie!

Reading Norm's last post gives me a perspective that is important to reiterate: all teachers and students using this site this semester share the exciting possibility of being able to shape this new and developing site as it grows, sometimes by discovering certain bugs or features that are not quite ready for use. Being a part of this project will push me and this site forward and allows us to all be sharing the shaping of the site, and it makes it exciting for our students to be using such a new web-tool, but they should be informed we are using such a tool, an ambitious website with little funding thus far, that works, but is going to be improved a lot by our use of it this semester.

My campus directorhas allotted ten hours of technician pay per month through June to help in the maintenance and improvement of the site. I told him how we have used a lot of time getting the teacher's forum up and runnning in January (here we are using it!) and that we could use a little more of the technician's work in January, as we've used up his ten hours of time, but I discovered in my first classes using the site this week that certain privacy features (which are crucial) needed to be fixed. Luckily, he alotted another five hours of technician time to the site for January, and the privacy of students is now avaiable. I am adding the below note about privacy to the FAQs section of the site, but here is how to keep students' posts private, but visible to the teacher:

When a student wants to keep a post or posts private, the easiestway to do so is to share the post "only with friends" (an option on the content submission form) and have the teacher of the course be the student's friend.

Yesterday, this was working to make the "only my friends" post private within a certain class, yet the private post was still showed up on the front page of the site! With the extra technical time, we've already started tweaking the site and now posts shared "only with friends" really are not visible to other site users at any place on the site.

Such is the way this site's ongoing development will flow in real time! As teachers and students find flaws or have ideas of how the site might flow better, please always share them! I hope to keep improving the site for all of us.

So, hello to Rebecca and Claudie! Let me know when I can visit your classes to share the site with your students, if you would like that, and otherwise, see you here in this forum as we plan together.



7 years 4 months ago

Hi guys,

I will try to get email alerts up and running ASAP for this forum!

Hold off on moving to email for one day- ok? (Then again, without an alert, perhaps the next thing you'll see is an alert for the message I post about the alert...)




7 years 4 months ago

Hi Eric,

Check out the course outline for my course this semester. The schedule is at the end of the course outline, but here it is cut and pasted:




In class work

Assignment Schedule


Weeks 1-4

Introduction of program, social networking website, tagging, blogging, 1 posts

Create personal page and make first posting(s) of news story with tags.

18 %

Exploring  News Posts/Comment

10% Multiple Perspectives Post

Week 5-7

2 posts per week including a journal article summary each week

Assigned chapter of A Year of Living Generously

Focusing in posts/comment

18%- Narrowing focus posts/comment


Weeks  8-9

Organizational Research

Post summarizing organization/volunteer findings

10%: Completed Research on NGOs

Weeks 10-12

3 posts (including summative assessment outline post)and 3 comments per week

Postings(including summative assessment outline post)


18% posts and comments


Week 13-14

Brief presentations on A Year of Living Generously

Brief presentations on A Year of Living Generously

5% brief presentations

Week 15

Final Essay and summary in post or Multimedia post with volunteer work

Summative assessment

Final comment(s)

20% Summative Assessment

1% Final comment-survey(s)

There no collaborative classes

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